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BSS at a glance

BSS Company is the leader in development and implementation of remote banking service and financial management systems. Founded in 1994. Ranks among TOP-10 Russian largest IT-developers (CNews Analytics).

Our clients

  • Сбербанк России
  • ОАО Банк ВТБ
  • gazprombank
More than 1,700 banks in Russia and CIS

Brand New

  • картинка
    CORREQTS Retail v. 3.3
    A fundamentally new solution for the individuals’ RBS contains a variety of innovations and enhancements.
  • картинка
    CORREQTS Corporate v. 2.3.8
    The new version of CORREQTS Corporate features a set of services for small and medium enterprise segment clients aimed in generation of additional fee revenue and reduction of operating costs.
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    «RBS BS-Client. Retail Client» v. 2.7.7
    The new version of "RBS BS-Client. Retail Client" v. 2.7.7 features the functionality for compliance with legal requirements for work with PIS HCS.
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    «RBS BS-Client x64» v. 20.1.660
    The new version of “RBS BS-Client х64” features the payment order check feature to ensure compliance with the legal requirements to the work with PIS HCS.
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    «FRAUD-Analysis» v. 4.0
    The new version 4.0 features a function of robust analysis of the RBS user’s workplace thanks to the integration of “FRAUD-Analysis” system with Bot-Trek Secure Bank solution by Group-IB and improvements based on banks’ experience.
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    «Notification Server» v. 2.10
    The new 2.10 version features enhanced and improved performance and maintainability of the system in the part of the installer operation, system logging, settings export and import.