In 2018, BSS introduced a new, modern platform — Digital2Go, ranked among the TOP-5 internet business efficiency ranking Business Internet Banking Rank 2018 by Markswebb with the SME solution, confirmed the status quo in the largest ratings, and actively developed artificial intelligence-based services. The year was successful in implementing new projects and improving solutions for all categories of clients. At the end of 2018, revenue is expected to grow from 10 to 16%.

The company has changed. Rebranding has brought modernity and dynamism to BSS’s new visual image. It, like the new platform by BSS, is the carrier of openness, relevance, and reliability.


In the "CNews Analytics: The largest IT developers of Russia 2017" rating, the results of which were summed up in May 2018, BSS is in the TOP-25, showing a stable result year after year.

At the beginning of the summer of 2018, the RAEX rating agency ("Expert RA") published the results of the annual ranking of the largest groups and companies in the field of information and communication technologies. In the general table of the largest groups and companies in the field of information and communication technologies, BSS rose to the 27th position (a year earlier — the 30th position). In the list of companies providing services in the field of information technology, BSS has retained its position in the TOP thirty. BSS is also in the TOP 20 largest software developers. The Company is confidently taking the 3rd place in the TOP-5 distribution.

In the autumn of 2018, Cnews Analytics agency published the review "IT in banks and insurance companies 2018" and the rating "Largest IT providers for banks 2018". BSS is in the TOP 20 taking the 16th position with revenues from projects in the financial sector in 2017: ₽1 959 879 thousand, including VAT.

Digital2Go platform

November of 2018 opened a new stage in development for BSS. On November 1, the presentation of the new platform — Digital2Go — took place in Moscow City.

Digital2Go has incorporated BSS’s best practices and experience. It was developed in two years. This is a turnkey solution for infrastructure, security, and legislation that provides a fast Time2Market. It provides SDK and API, tools for self-customization of the standard functionality, and the development of own unique services.

The platform allows you to customize the displayed interface for different clients and segments. The continuity of current interfaces, support of seamless transition to external services, the use of a UI kit with the possibility of modifying the design (as part of the SDK), as well as modern web development technologies are provided.

Such a stable, reliable, secure platform with effective development tools allows banks to quickly respond to client requests and successfully develop their business.

TOP-5 Business Internet Banking Rank 2018

In support of Digital2Go’s capabilities and basing on it, a new industrial solution for small and micro businesses which have no analogues on the market was created in a record-short period of time — just 6 months. The development was carried out by BSS’s own team of up to 30 people together with the expert group of the analytical agency Markswebb. This made it possible to use their in-depth expertise and understanding what the correct Internet bank should be to create a unique service.

The annual research of the effectiveness of Internet banks for small businesses Business Internet Banking Rank 2018 did not leave a chance to doubt the result. The industrial solution for small and micro-business by BSS based on Digital2Go platform ranked among the TOP-5 of the rating.

The effectiveness of Internet banks in Business Internet Banking Rank 2018 study was estimated for three types of small businesses. In the category "Micro-business (IE without staff)", the solution by BSS received 68.3 points, which corresponds to the position between the 4th and 5th places. In the category "Trade and service enterprise making payments only in rubles" — 71 points corresponding to the position between the 3rd and 4th places. In the category "Company engaged in foreign economic activity" — 71.1 points, which also corresponds to the position between the 3rd and 4th places.

Industrial solution for SME based on Digital2Go platform

The concept of the new solution is incredibly simple, open, human and relevant for every "small" entrepreneur. Internet bank was created not for a soulless "employee", but for a person. All customer experience was designed to be as human as possible. At the forefront is the convenience of daily operations and the availability of solutions to vital tasks. Everything should be simple, understandable, natural, especially for an inexperienced user. At the same time, it should effectively support the user from the moment of acquaintance with the service and the beginning of work until the transition to the top segment.

In addition to the short Time2Market, when it comes to bringing new services out, it is important for the bank, that BSS undertakes the entire routine of providing infrastructure and security, ensuring compliance with the law, and solving maintenance and development issues. Yes, this is important, but for the bank it is too troublesome and uninteresting. Now the bank can concentrate on business: create open, demanded and reliable banking products and services that solve actual business problems.

Evaluating these advantages, banks are seriously interested in the solution based on Digital2Go platform. Within two months from the moment of the platform presentation, five banks began to implement the solution. In each of them, the project is in the active implementation phase. A number of banks are exploring opportunities and planning to start a project.

Projects of the year

In 2018, solutions and services by BSS attracted new clients. Among the banks and financial organizations joined, mention should go to JSC "NPF NEFTEGARANT", JSCB "Energobank" (PJSC), PJSC CB "Vostochny", JSC "MSP Bank", "BNP PARIBA BANK" JSC, and others

Thus, in "NPF NEFTEGARANT" JSC, a project was launched to develop a mobile application for the personal account. JSCB "Energobank" (PJSC) introduced Internet banks for corporate and retail clients. An agreement was signed with "Vostochny" CB PJSC for installing a new solution for small and medium-sized businesses based on Digital2Go platform.

UniCredit Bank continued to improve and expand functionality in the Internet Bank and mobile application based on the solution by BSS. JSC MS Bank Rus offered a mobile assistant to every recipient of a car loan thanks to a joint project with BSS on the implementation of an easy and understandable mobile application for smartphones with iOS and Android operating systems. Clients of Kamsky Commercial Bank LLC received new useful and popular services within the RBS system for retail clients by BSS. Retail clients of PJSC UKB "Novobank" liked a convenient mobile bank based on BSS’s solution. Armed with a bright slogan "Your bank in your city!" Novobank’s mobile application is actively distributing among citizens.

The developed API and SDK of BSS’s solutions allowed a number of banks to independently implement and modify services. Thus, PJSC CB "Center-Invest" independently implemented and adapted BSS’s solutions for corporate and retail clients to fit their business objectives using the SDK by BSS. "NVKBank" JSC installed the RBS systems for legal entities and individuals using BSS’s Typical Integration Solution (TIS).

A number of client banks have expanded cooperation with BSS. JSC "NVKbank" and JSC JSCB "NOVIKOMBANK" switched to modern remote banking systems for legal entities and individuals.

"Vozrozhdenie" Bank (PJSC), "Kurskprombank" PJSC, "Bank Intesa" JSC, Asia-Ivest Bank (JSC), "SDM-Bank" (PJSC) have chosen the Internet Bank for corporate clients.

The RBS system for retail clients by BSS was preferred by "Bank "MBA-MOSCOW" LLC and "Center-Invest" PJSC CB. At the same time, "Center-Invest" PJSC CB was the first among banks to receive a new solution for small and medium-sized businesses based on Digital2Go platform, which was ranked among the TOP-5 by Markswebb.

PJSC "Vitabank" and "Timer Bank" (PJSC) protected their corporate and private clients from fraud with the help of "FRAUD-Analysis". In order to meet the requirements of 167-FZ, licenses for "FRAUD-Analysis" were purchased by: "Energomashbank" PJSC, "MKS" NPO (LLC), "DOM-BANK" JSC MCB, "Vostochny" CB PJSC, "Kamsky Commercial Bank" LLC, "BNP PARIBA BANK" JSC, JSC "BALAKOVO-BANK", CB "Crocus Bank" (LLC), PJSC UCB "Novobank".

Client banks expanded their services by purchasing licenses for new BSS’s solutions. Thus, PJSC "Energomashbank", Bank "Vozrozhdenie" (PJSC), JSC "NVKbank", JSCB "ACTIV BANK" (JSC), JSC "Russian Standard Bank", JSC "Credit Europe Bank", "DOM-BANK" JSC MCB, PJSC "Kurskprombank", AKKSB "KS BANK" (PJSC), AO "VUZ-Bank", PJSC "UBRD", PJSC ACB " Sviaz-Bank", PJSC CB "Vostochny", JSC "MSP Bank", JSC "SMP Bank", JSCB "FORA-BANK" (JSC), JSC "TATSOTSBANK", JSCB CHUVASHKREDITPROMBANK PJSC purchased licenses for BSS Business. The license for "Electronic Office" purchased by Bank "Vozrozhdenie" (PJSC), "SKB-Bank" PJSC, "Russian Standard Bank" JSC, "AB "ROSSIA" JSC, "Vostochny" CB PJSC, and "MSP Bank" JSC. The license for "Chat-bot" purchased by JSCB "NOVIKOMBANK" and LLC "Kamsky Commercial Bank".

The high popularity of service of checking counterparties "Traffic Light" among banks — BSS’s clients should be noted.

Solutions and integrations

In the summer of 2018, BSS presented a solution for the banking support of contracts. The service was created on the basis of "Enterprise Clearing Centre" (ECC) and the RBS system for legal entities. It provides banks with additional income and allows them to fulfill the requirements of Article 35 of the Federal Law "On the Contract System" and Government Decree No. 963 "On the Implementation of Bank Support of Contracts".

The new solution by BSS for small business based on Digital2Go platform supports the work of "Moe delo", an Internet accounting that is popular among small and medium-sized businesses. The integration is implemented on the terms of the White Label partnership strategy concept. This implies that for a client of a bank the accounting interface will look the same as the interface of the Internet bank, and the logging-in will be like a clickthrough. Internet accounting "Moe delo" provides a number of services that fit perfectly into the concept of the solution for small business based on the Digital2Go platform and will be in demand by users.

Digital2Go platform and the solutions created on its basis also support the work of the cloud services by SKB Kontur company: Kontur.Traffic Light, Kontur.Focus and Contur.Accountancy.

Solutions based on Digital2Go platform support high-quality work with "Automated Currency Control System of Bank" (ACCSB) software package. Practice shows that the absolute majority of banks of the Russian Federation use ACCSB in their work. BSS‘s cooperation with ACCSB company-developer — LLC "Scientific and Technical Center of New Technologies" guarantees the high-quality work of integration of Digital2Go platform and the ACCSB.


Ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of data, as well as the use of reliable methods of encryption and authentication are the actual problems of our time, especially in the financial and credit sphere. BSS pays close attention to information security issues. The Company improves the quality and level of security of its own products and services. It regularly initiates a security audit by Group-IB.

In the spring of 2018, the RBS crypto plugin for legal entities passed an audit. This is a multiplatform tool for working with various means of cryptographic information protection facilities (CIPF). Group-IB specialists have reliably confirmed the correction of the vulnerabilities found. This makes it possible to ensure the safe operation of the extremely important functionality responsible for interacting with the CIPF on the client side.

In the autumn of 2018, the RBS system for retail clients successfully passed a regular security audit and an assessment of the correctness of the elimination of vulnerabilities. Experts of Group-IB simulated various attacks using the "gray box". The results confirmed the elimination of vulnerabilities. A little later, the RBS system for corporate clients passed the security audit and by Group-IB and showed positive results. Note that the applied back-end, used in new Digital2Go platform, has also successfully passed the audit.

Artificial intelligence and chat bots

In 2018, BSS conducted a large-scale R&D study on the application of speech recognition technologies and neural networks for servicing customer calls. The results made it possible to formulate interesting solutions. Chat bots are created on their basis that are able to provide advice to a bank client at the level of a bank operator in a channel convenient for the client. Popular messengers, phone call to the bank, chat in a mobile bank or on the bank’s website. The cost of processing such call is several times lower compared to the cost of a minute of conversation with an operator. Its application opens up new opportunities for the bank.

The development of the BSS.Speech platform continued throughout the year. It is based on a special neural network that defines the most likely phonemes of human speech. For correct training of this network, deep machine learning approaches — Deep Learning — are used. To ensure the best quality, we are constantly improving the basic models. Several languages are now supported. The model for Russian is one of the best.

BSS.Speech platform uses an extensive and comprehensively complete acoustic model of the Russian language. This model has proven itself in practice, both in pilot projects in various regions of Russia, where the so-called "talk" can differ quite a lot, and in the Republic of Belarus, where, despite the wide use of Russian, there is a mixture of languages.


During 2018, BSS team grew and strengthened. The Company was reinforced with the 131st highly qualified specialist. Of these, 112 employees are specialists in production units.

A new office opened in the city of Obninsk. Staff recruitment completed in Tolyatti and Samara.

Throughout the year, BSS staff learned a lot. They developed managerial, negotiation, and interviewing skills. 97 managers were trained, including team leaders and project managers.

For the first time, BSS took part in the international conference of developers Joker as a Silver Sponsor. This has increased the attractiveness and recognition of BSS’s brand.

Plans for 2019

BSS is meeting the year of its 25th anniversary with a new achievement — the platform of the new generation — Digital2Go. This is the result of several years of work. The main idea of the platform is that BSS and banks can quickly create specialized solutions for different types of business.

The new platform by BSS was seriously restructured on the way to the success. Flexible development methodologies were implemented. Cross-functional teams were created. Production structure was reorganized. Employee approaches to everyday work were changed. Assembly line was upgraded.

Mr. Georgy Kravchenko, CEO, BSS, notes: "In 2019, we will have a lot of interesting work to develop a new platform. We will present new solutions based on Digital2Go for different segments of the banking business and other areas of the economy.

Our task is not to reduce the pace with substantial commercial growth. We aim to demonstrate vivid introductions. No one supports security, scalability, sustainability, and legislation better than we do. We want to show that it is convenient to use a ready-made industrial solution. And we will actively convey this philosophy.

The next year’s focus is on the development of solutions related to artificial intelligence. These are our technologies, our specialists and our own developments. We will continue our work in two directions: speech recognition and dialogue management. We are sure that this is the future. No need to engage people in stupid, unproductive work; they should be given the opportunity to do something more interesting. And machines will take over routine operations."