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BPS-Sberbank's call center "smart"-styled

20 July 2017

BSS Company and BPS-Sberbank completed the start-up phase of a comprehensive project for implementation of voice services in call center. Digital solutions allowed the bank to increase the efficiency of client support and will form a single ecosystem of digital services in the future.

At this stage, BPS-Sberbank launched smart IVR — a virtual operator "Alesya". The service based on the speech recognition technology processes incoming calls of the bank’s call center. "Alesya" is "trained" to determine the essence of the application and to answer questions in free form. Now, there is no need to wait for connection with an operator: you can automatically get information about the current products and services of the bank. For example, about such popular requests as: "Card balance", "Card blocking", "Current payment and debt under a loan or an overdraft."

The use of virtual intelligence will significantly improve the servicing speed by increasing the number of contacts with the client per unit of time while maintaining the quality of the advisory services provided.

"Having implemented BSS Speech platform and modules, we obtained a truly innovative solution," Mrs. Anna Litvinovich, head of call center, BPS-Sberbank, pointed out. "I think, "Alesya" will become an indispensable assistant for our clients, working 24 hours a day 7 days a week without sleep and rest. We will continue to expand the "robots’" zone of responsibility to simplify access to fast and high-quality information on any banking issues."

"The launch of voice services at BPS-Sberbank is a landmark project for the entire banking industry," Mr. Georgy Kravchenko, Director General, BSS Company, said. "Voice technology is the point of business growth for the next two to three years. Therefore, banks that choose technologies by BSS today will have serious competitive advantages tomorrow."

About BPS-Sberbank

BPS-Sberbank is one of the top three largest banks in Belarus by the size of assets. The bank’s net profit for the first quarter of 2017 under IFRS was $ 24.1 million, with a return on equity of 17.5%.

The Bank’s call center is a multiple winner and prize-winner of international professional competitions "Crystal Headset" (the RF) and "Dzwinner" (Ukraine), the holder of the Certificate of Compliance with the international industry standard EN 15838 (International Institute for Certification of Call Centers). Today, 20% of all incoming calls to the call center are processed in digital communication channels (chat, messenger).

The main shareholder of JSC "BPS-Sberbank" is PJSC Sberbank (98.43% of shares).

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