BSS Company has updated RBS BS-Client х64 system

12 October 2015

BSS Company has updated the remote banking system for legal entities RBS BS-Client x64 v. 20.1.575. The new version of the system features:

  • Implemented support of the following software:
    • DBMS Microsoft SQL Server 2014 (Standard Edition, Enterprise Edition, Express Edition) for the bank’s and the clients’ DBs of the Bank-Client subsystem;
    • OS Windows 10×86 and х64 (Home, Professional, Enterprise) as the OS of the working stations for the users of the bank and client parts of the system for Bank-Client, Internet-Client, Statement Online subsystems.
  • The new capabilities of Internet-Client subsystem:
    • transition t
    • document import from the list of payment orders page; transition t
    • document revocation from the list of payment orders page; quick access t
    • frequently used transactions: creation of a payment order, statement request for the previous working day, creation of an arbitrary document t
    • the bank.
  • The new capabilities t
  • work with documents:
    • the setting enabling t
    • display only the final statements on the statements page for the clients using Internet-Client subsystem;
    • export of «Full name of the executive» detail t
    • BCCAS system by NTCNT company for the Currency Control Form (138-И (RUS)) and the Certificate on Supporting Documents (138-И (RUS));
    • the status «Confirmation required» of the documents in Internet-Client subsystem now complies with «Signed» status;
    • enabling/disabling of «Currency control» tab display for the following types of documents: Foreign Currency Remittance Order, Currency Purchase Order, Currency Selling Order, Currency Conversion Order;
    • «Valuation date» detail in Foreign Currency Remittance Order has been moved from «Currency control» tab t
    • «Main» tab;
    • importing of purpose of payment of payroll sheets from MS Excel is enabled for the users of Bank-Client subsystem;
    • orders for funds debiting from a transit currency account can be exported t
    • ABS Gefest; the information on a client’s workstation can be imported from an XML file with extended set of details.
  • Extended system administration capabilities:
    • updating of the user list, profiles, roles, and privileges during user’s rights administration;
    • only administered organizations are available in the selection list for the administrators of a client’s organizations;
    • the functionality t
    • create/edit data on banks’ subdivisions in Web-bank subsystem has been modified — tabs have been developed.

Upgrade t

  • RBS BS-Client x64 system version 20.1.575 from version 20.1.550 (and from RBS BS-Client system from upgrade versions 17.9.800–17.9.945) is performed according t
  • the maintenance contract.

    For more information on updated system RBS BS-Client x64 and purchase conditions please contact BSS Sales Department at: +7 (495) 785-04-94, 785-04-99, or by E-mail:

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