BSS Company updated “RBS BS-Client х64” system

19 August 2016

BSS Company updated the RBS system for corporate clients “RBS BS-Client х64” v. 020.1.660, a comprehensive solution for remote banking servicing of legal entities both in a classic “bank-client” mode, and via the Internet in an Internet bank or a mobile bank mode.

The updated system implements verification functionality for payment orders, which recipients are HCS service suppliers (payments to PIS HCS). It allows one to arrange additional verification of HCS payment details specified by the bank’s clients when creating a payment in RBS systems in accordance with the recommendations for completing the payment order fields when receiving payments for housing and communal services, the information on which is to be placed in PIS HCS. The bank can set the obligation to carry out these checks.

Upgrade to “RBS BS-Client х64” system v. 020.1.660 from v. 020.1.650 is performed according to the maintenance contract.

For more information on updated “RBS BS-Client х64” and purchase conditions please contact BSS Sales Department at: +7 (495) 785-04-94, 785-04-99, or by e-mail:

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