BSS is in Top 100 Largest IT-companies in Russia 2020

28 May 2020

Information and analytical portal TAdviser announced the results of a new ranking, which brought together 100 largest IT companies in Russia. The entry threshold in 2020 turned out to be the highest in the entire history of ranking compilation: it exceeded 1.3 billion rubles

For the first time, BSS took part in TAdviser ranking and confidently entered Top 100 ranked the 67th among the largest IT companies in Russia.

Among the ranking participants, 48 companies are engaged in development and 52 — in integration. 15 companies specialize in information security, 28 provide consulting services, and for 9 IT companies, one of the key activities is distribution.

The interesting point is that the most profitable sectors, according to ranking participants, are the public sector (33 companies noted), the financial sector (27 companies), and telecom (22 companies).

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