BSS is in Top15 of “Largest IT providers for banks 2019” rating

6 November 2019

"Largest IT suppliers for banks 2019″ rating unites 50 companies. According to the results of 2018, BSS takes the 15th place. The Company has improved its result compared to the previous year. This is especially important and essential given the general trend towards a slowdown in the supply of IT solutions.

The study notes: "the general slowdown in the pace of IT industry development in the financial sector in terms of money is striking." Experts observe the trend when one part of banks seeks to invest more responsibly and is more demanding in capital expenditures. Another part — large banks with attached small players — is engaged in debugging common business processes, regulations and standards, therefore, is in no hurry with new projects. And the third part is second-tier banks, which in this situation acted as the locomotive of new projects, but their budgets are relatively limited.

It is worth noting that BSS is one of the few companies in the presented rating which is almost completely focused on the banking financial market.

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