BSS meets COVID-19 challenges

15 April 2020

A big interview with Georgy Kravchenko, CEO, BSS, is published on Cnews site. The focus is not only on the transformation of banking systems, digitalization of banks and the development of services that are in demand in the financial market, but also on the problems that banks and companies faced in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

BSS is a historically dominant vendor of the RBS systems for legal entities. In this area, the company has a strong expertise, which is being actively improved. Georgy Kravchenko spoke about the development of competence in the field of customer experience from scratch and the importance of feedback, which has become an important part of the work of R&D teams. The best expertise has also been formed in ensuring the safety of the RBS systems, their reliability and performance under load.

"All of the above allows BSS not only to create solutions superior to similar industrial systems, but also to seriously compete with the best banks’ in-house design teams," Georgy Kravchenko pointed out in the interview.

Voice technology has become an important area for BSS. Actually, the largest banks have also realized the opportunities that are opening up using voice technologies. Yes, there are some constraints for the expansion of voice technology.

"But this does not mean that these constraints are insurmountable. There are vendors with the potential for competition and able to cope with these challenges. Their technologies make it possible to successfully overcome constraints and compete on equal terms with technology giants such as, for example, Sberbank. Yes, there are fewer such vendors than fingers on one hand, but they exist. And BSS is among them," Georgy Kravchenko pointed out.

In the current unprecedented pandemic situation, the topic of channel automation is particularly relevant. Contact centers experience high peak loads. The business faced with the need for fast, safe and reliable organization of remote work. The banks also need to maintain a high level of service provision in conditions of self-isolation. It is necessary not only to provide access to corporate resources, but also to implement work control, ensure information security and support for contact centers to arrange remote work.

"Our expertise in the field of information security allows us to quickly establish control over the work of remote employees and provide information security when working from home. In conditions of a large influx of identical calls to the contact center, BSS’s neurobot makes it possible to unload a contact center by 40% or more," Georgy Kravchenko summed up.

The full text of the interview is available on Cnews and BSS websites.

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