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BSS rose 3 steps in the ranking of the largest IT companies according to RAEX

5 June 2018

raexpert-2018-n.jpg Rating agency RAEX ("Expert RA") published the results of the annual ranking of the largest IT groups and companies. BSS took the 27th position (the 30th position following the results of 2016) in the common list of the largest IT groups and companies.

In the list of companies that provide services in the field of information technology, BSS maintained its position in the top thirty of the strongest companies. Also, BSS is consistently ranked among the top 20 largest software developers. The situation is similar in the TOP-5 for distribution, where BSS confidently takes the 3rd place.

Please find the full version of the ranking of the largest IT groups and companies at the site of rating agency RAEX ("Expert RA").

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