BSS started from the 26th place in the Top 50 TAdviser’s ranking “The largest IT service providers”

24 September 2019

TAdviser Internet portal published the results of the annual ranking "The largest IT service providers" and a review on the topic "IT Services and IT Outsourcing".

BSS first participated in the ranking, which is published annually since 2014. In the list of the Top 50 "Largest IT Service Providers", BSS ranks the 26th, which is a good result and confirms the data of other ratings, for example, RAEX. According to RAEX, BSS ranks the 23rd in the annual ranking of the largest Russian groups and companies in the field of information and communication technologies.

In the review "IT Services and IT Outsourcing", TAdviser portal notes that "... the Russian market of IT services is growing at a moderate pace. According to TAdviser, the size of this market in 2018 increased by 6% and reached the level of 341 billion rubles." The highest growth rates were shown by segments of infrastructure hosting, technical support of software and hardware, IT consulting, and cloud services.

Please find the full versions of the review "IT Services and IT Outsourcing" and the ranking "The largest IT service providers" at TAdviser portal.

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