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Digital2Go and services by SKB Kontur are all a business needs

10 January 2019

Digital2Go platform and solutions based on it, in particular, a solution for small and medium-sized businesses, support the opertation of cloud services by SKB Kontur company: Kontur.Traffic Light, Kontur.Focus and Contur.Accountancy.

Counterparty checkout service Kontur.Traffic Light allows you to determine the trustworthiness of counterparties and acts as a tool of due diligence. It helps reduce the risk of financial losses for the company and claims from government agencies. When checking the counterparty, information from the Uniform State Register of Legal Entities (EGRIP), financial statements of organizations, arbitration cases, enforcement proceedings, bankruptcy reports, government contracts, trademarks, licenses, Internet references, and much more are analyzed. When creating a payment and viewing a counterparty, the user sees a color indication («Traffic Light») and a detailed card with a report on the status of the counterparty.

Integration with the service Kontur.Focus helps automate the filling of the beneficiary’s details in payments. It is enough to enter the counterparty’s ITN, and the remaining data on it will be filled in automatically with information from the USRLE/EGRIP. This option reduces the risk of errors when entering the name of the counterparty, eliminates specifying an incorrect name when it changes, etc. Kontur. Focus is also used to fill in the data in the «Zero Client» new clients registration service. When registering a company, it is enough to enter the ITN — all data on the company details, founders, managers, etc. will be automatically downloaded from Kontur. Focus.

Interaction of Digital2Go platform with Kontur.Accounting service allows clients to automatically create payments from cloud accounting to Digital2Go, as well as to upload a statement to cloud accounting.

«By integrating our cloud services with Digital2Go platform, banks can open new opportunities to users more quickly. SKB Kontur’s services make it easier for businesses to interact with the government and counterparties, simplify internal processes and help to cope with daily tasks more quickly,» Mr. Evgeny Ivanchenko, Head of Bank Relations (SKB Kontur), points out. «The collaboration between SKB Kontur and BSS is an important strategic step for our companies, which has proved its effectiveness in two dozen banks that make our software solutions more accessible for small and medium businesses.»

«Kontur.Traffic Light, Kontur.Focus and Kontur.Accounting services that are integrated into Digital2Go platform are widely demanded by small businesses,» Mrs. Elena Zakharova, Director of Digital2Go, stresses. «SKB Kontur’s online services make our SME solution, which is among the TOP 5 efficient Internet banks for small businesses in 2018, even more attractive».

The Digital2Go platform has been developed by BSS over the past two years. This is a turnkey solution in terms of infrastructure, security and legislation, open to third-party developers and providing fast Time2Market. It provides SDK and API, the means for self-customization of the standard functionality and development of own unique services. All this is a serious competitive advantage.

The solution for small and medium-sized businesses based on Digital2Go platform was created in a record short time — only 6 months. According to the results of ranking Business Internet Banking Rank 2018, this solution was included in the TOP-5 effective Internet banks for SMEs. At the forefront is the convenience of performing daily operations and the availability of solving urgent problems.

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