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iFin-2017 results: "Open platform" by BSS, high rating of CORREQTS Retail, new level of CORREQTS Corporate and voice bank as a growing point

13 February 2017

BSS Company, the annual participant and Sponsor of iFin International Forum "Electronic financial services and technologies", presented the achievements in the development and implementation of the RBS systems for individuals and legal entities, new services, and voice technologies to the banking community.

Achievements of the year

At the opening of the forum, Mr. Vitaly Pateshman, Sales Director, BSS Company, pointed out a high level of penetration of corporate and retail RBS by BSS into banks. "This allows us to be in productive communication with various banks, to recognize their demands, to analyze the situation in the sector, to understand the current banking trends, and to determine the directions and characteristics of further movement," the speaker pointed out. "BSS improves not only its solutions, but, with the introduction of Agile-methodology, is actively changing internally — this also helps to move forward. In the short term we are aiming at creating an open platform."

Thus, for the period from the last forum, the Company introduced a new system for retail clients CORREQTS Retail, has already implemented it in two banks, received a high expert evaluation of the effectiveness by Markswebb agency, and is implementing projects in 4 more banks. A new development was also presented at the forum — "Light RBS": widgets that can be placed without installation and binding to the RBS.

CORREQTS Corporate system for legal entities includes "Electronic Office", which provides tools for creating a marketplace and automating non-payment interaction with the client, integrating with cloud solutions, capabilities and prospects for an open platform (API and SDK). The security of CORREQTS platform has been confirmed by Group IB company, an antifraud expert.

And of course, the close attention of BSS is turned to voice technologies — the growing point in the next 2-3 years. At iFin-2016, the Company introduced the concept of a voice mobile bank. During this time, in the course of interaction with banks and end users, the approach to the voice bank was refined and adjusted to meet the changing needs and requirements of the target audience. Updated and improved prototype of the voice mobile bank was presented to the banking community during the opening of iFin-2017.

Outstripping custom "bolides"

Mr. Alexey Guryanov, Product development manager, BSS Company, presented the case about how to bring the industrial solution to the leaders to the experienced bank audience. It was a question of new CORREQTS Retail.

"There is an opinion that only so-called "self-written" RBS, developed and implemented by the bank’s IT team, or the RBS created by an outside company according to the requirements of a certain bank, can be truly successful," the speaker suggested a topic. "We at BSS are sure that this is not so, and our work confirms this — an industrial platform can become a leader."

The results of a comprehensive audit of CORREQTS Retail box solution conducted by Markswebb Rank & Report analytical agency have become the key objective and unbiased arguments. As a result, the Internet bank corresponds to the level of the 5-6th position in the rating of effectiveness, the mobile bank for iOS platform — to the level of the third place, and the mobile bank for Android platform — the 3-5th position. At the end of 2016, Markswebb agency evaluated mobile applications of both platforms already implemented and adapted in SKB Bank. The result is higher than the evaluation of the box variant — the 3rd place among the best mobile banks. Hence, the industrial solution can be the best!

As the representative of SKB bank noted in his speech, speaking about the implementation of CORREQTS Retail mobile solution: "We approached the choice of a partner with very seriously." "We needed a partner who not only technologically meets our needs, has a modern platform, the necessary services and qualified support, but is also ready to share possible risks with us," Mr. Konstantin Kotelnikov, Director of remote sales department, SKB bank, pointed out. "In the end, we chose BSS and did not lose. The correctness of the decision and the vendor was confirmed by Markswebb."

New services of CORREQTS Corporate

In a well-coordinated tandem, Mr. Stanislav Shilov, Deputy Director of Corporate Products Department, and Mr. Ilya Nikushin, BSS expert, told a wide audience of the forum about key trends and prospects for the development of remote channels for legal entities and new services that meet the urgent needs of corporate clients.

Mr. Stanislav Shilov noted that the banks’ requirements for the RBS are influenced by two conflicting trends: the need to reduce costs, on the one hand, and the need to develop in order to be ready by the time the economic growth resumes, on the other. The increased attention to usability, the need for more dense participation of banks in the development of solutions, and the growing demand for non-banking services were defined among the key trends in the area of the RBS. In turn, Mr. Ilya Nikushin focused the public’s attention on how new products by BSS Company meet these requirements. As a part of the presentation, "Electronic Office", "Mobile Business Client" for smartphones, "Traffic Light", integration with cloud services, cybersecurity issues, as well as BSS’s strategy for transition to an open platform (API and SDK) were highlighted.

Alternately, the systems were being demonstrated and tested at the Company’s booth during two days of the forum as a response to the claimed relevance and effectiveness of the new solutions by BSS. Bankers carefully studied the solutions, asked questions, "tried on" services for the objectives and goals of their banks.

XVII International Forum iFin-2017 "Electronic Financial Services and Technologies" was organized by "iFin Media" company with the support of the Association of Russian Banks (the ARB) and NAUFOR. This recognized event dedicated to achievements in the field of electronic financial services and technologies annually attracts the attention of a large number of bank executives, IT departments and remote banking service departments, specialists and experts of the banking market, developers of IT systems and services for the banking sector.

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