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Mobile developments by BSS at "MobiFinance-2018"

20 April 2018

01_IMG_1568_300.jpgBSS Company, the Sponsor of the VIII International conference "MobiFinance-2018", demonstrated the actual solutions demanded by banks, which make it possible to obtain advantages in the competitive struggle not only today, but also in the future. The central place in the exposition and speakers’ messages during the event was given to "mobilizing" of corporate clients with the help of BSS Business and automating the clients’ interaction using chat bots.

The mobile segment of electronic finance is developing most dynamically and the potential is far from exhausted. BSS always attentively treats both the banks’ requirements and the requests of their clients.

"In the development of the mobile segment, two main priorities for BSS Company are" Fight for a click" and "Communication", Kirill Bortakovskiy noted in his welcome address at the opening of the International conference. "Fight for a click" determines how the application is perceived by the end user. Usability and aesthetics are added by minimizing the number of smartphone screen touches, intuitive interface, maximum autocomplete and auto-substitution of data from external systems and resources: directories, QR codes, barcodes, photo payments. "Communication" means development of the mobile application in terms of communication with the client: biometric (voice) identification and chat-bot which is actually an intellectual assistant."

A steady “mobile only” trend has already developed in the retail segment - a significant proportion of clients use only mobile applications to interact with the bank. In the segment of legal entities, this process is just unfolding; the mobile channel does not replace the traditional desktop. However, the share of mobile bank users among legal entities is steadily growing.

BSS Company is one of the pioneers in the market of the mobile RBS solutions for business. The mobile channel is one of the priority areas for the development of the company's products. Last year the company released, and this year cardinally updated, application BSS Business for smartphones. Currently, BSS Business for smartphones is implemented in dozens of banks, from the largest ones ranking among TOP-30, to small regional ones. The security of BSS Business for smartphones is confirmed by the external audit by Group-IB - this is the only replicable industrial solution on the market that has passed such a test. Development continues.

"At the same time, banks increasingly have to play on the field of financial technology, and this, obviously, leads to the transformation of remote service channels into channels of communication," Stanislav Shilov pointed out in his speech. “BSS Company observes a steady trend to automate the interaction of clients with the bank using chat bots - and implemented the corresponding solution. Today, a number of banks have already implemented our information chat-bot, providing answers to clients’ questions. Now we are working to increase its capabilities, including implementation of payment functionality."

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