Neurobot Nikolay is the laureate of Project Leader prize

11 September 2019

Digital intellectual civil servant Nikolay, a neurobot consultant developed by BSS, became the laureate of the All-Russian Prize in the field of import substitution "Project Leader" in the nomination "Integration of Digital Technologies".

The award ceremony for the laureates in six major and three special nominations of the first national award "Project Leader" was held during the National Forum "Russian production in the focus of national projects". 49 nominees fought for the victory: projects and their initiators, companies and organizations. Among the main evaluation criteria are the uniqueness of the project, its competitive advantages, and significance for the Russian economy.

Nikolay is the only universal neuro-robot consultant in Russia for remote servicing and assistance to citizens, including persons with disabilities. Nikolay is created on the basis of a BSS’s single platform. It combines modules of semantic analysis and analytics, dialogue in a natural language in omnichannel mode, continuous speech recognition and biometric authentication based on neurotechnologies.

Comprehensive testing and implementation in the most loaded environments have shown maximum product efficiency. So, the practice of using in the Novosibirsk Region MFC shows that the robot Nikolay processes about 80% of the initial applications of citizens and only 20% require an operator to connect.

Digital intelligent civil servant Nikolay can significantly improve the quality and processing speed of incoming calls, seriously reduce the inclusion of operators in the work, reduce costs and increase public satisfaction.

The area of application of the neurobot consultant is not limited to MFCs. It can successfully solve communication problems in housing and communal services, medical organizations, law enforcement agencies, the Ministry of Emergencies and other budgetary, state and municipal bodies and services.

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