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New functionality of CORREQTS Retail

18 July 2017

BSS Company presents a new version of the state-of-the-art remote banking system for individuals CORREQTS Retail v. 3.3.8 featuring a number of improvements that increase the usability and speed of performance of operations by the client.

In particular, the following features were introduced:

  • Regular and timely notification of clients about new HCS bills and the option to pay the bills received without having to visit the bank’s branch;
  • Plastic cards’ management: the client can connect/change the phone number for SMS information on the card;
  • Remote transfer of funds for loan repayment;
  • Saving and mailing of product statements to the client’s e-mail.

The following works were made in UX:

  • Filter optimization for a more convenient viewing of the operation history: a compact display of the filter parameters was provided, the option to make multi-value selection was added to the selection lists;
  • Visual presentation of information on the card status (including analysis of the existing overdue credit-card debt) via color indicators.

Also, technological optimization was performed in order to improve the speed of the system, as well as to reduce vulnerabilities.

Upgrade to CORREQTS Retail v. 3.3.8 from version v. 3.3.7 is performed according to the maintenance contract.

For more information on the updated RBS system CORREQTS Retail and purchase conditions please contact BSS Sales Department at: +7 (495) 785-04-94, 785-04-99, or by e-mail:

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