Rent-a-Ride benefitted by implementation of BSS's neurobot

18 May 2020

Rent-a-Ride is an information platform for placing offers on short-term rental of private owners’ cars.

Despite the availability of a convenient website and application, Rent-a-Ride faced with the fact that 25% of clients prefer to fill out applications by phone. An outsourcing contact center was involved to service calls. However, the contact center operators made mistakes in the process of processing applications by phone. Often, they did not transmit all the information received to Rent-a-Ride employees. This negatively affected both the quality of registration of applications and the speed of decision-making. During the transfer of information, clients were waiting on the line.

To eliminate errors, reduce costs and, ultimately, increase revenue, Rent-a-Ride introduced BSS’s neurobot, which is able to work with retrospective data for high-quality client segmentation. The goal is to identify clients who are going to place an order and quickly transfer a call to a manager to close a transaction.

Information on the application immediately appears in CRM, where the manager sees all the necessary data. The robot informs about rental restrictions, for example for taxi drivers, identifying them by keywords and phrases (car for work, high mileage, etc.). The neurobot also generates a stream of structured data for all calls, constantly improving analytics efficiency.

As a result of using BSS’s neurobot, revenue from applications received by telephone increased by1.5 times. The burden on managers decreased by more than 20%. Errors in segmenting clients were fixed. Time to identify the needs of the client and transfer the application to the manager was reduced. Conversion growth was 30%. This made it possible to increase Rent-a-Ride customer satisfaction. They wait less on the line, decisions are made faster.

"Business performance directly depends on the conversion of the incoming flow of applications into purchases. Analytics showed that one of the main metrics that affect the conversion is the time elapsed from the client’s appeal to a detailed response to his or her request. The bot allowed us to significantly reduce this time, thereby directly increasing revenue at the same cost of attraction," Alexander Ladygin, CEO, Rent-a-Ride, commented.

BSS’s neurobot makes it possible not only to increase the efficiency and attractiveness of e-commerce for owners and clients, but also helps to further derive additional benefits in e-commerce. In the future, BSS’s robot will be able to carry out automatic calls, and the telephone ordering process can be completely automated, ensuring 100% compliance with the scenarios for each segment.

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