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Services "Photo payment" and "Traffic light" in updated BSS Business v.3.5

28 April 2018

BSS Company released a new version of BSS Business, a mobile smartphone application for corporate clients of banks, both small and medium-sized companies and large corporations.

The new version provides additional functionality that makes it easier to generate payment orders, as well as to increase the level of security when interacting with counterparties:

1. With the help of service "Photo payment", users of the mobile application will be able to recognize invoices for payment and make payments by photo or from electronic documents. This will make payment of invoices faster and more convenient, significantly reduce the time to fill the payment document and significantly decrease the probability of making mistakes when entering data. The service is implemented using ABBYY recognition technology.

2. Service "Traffic light" will allow the bank’s corporate clients to perform automatic verification of the reliability of counterparties, will report on possible risks, and suggest ways to reduce these risks. To obtain data from the "Traffic light", it is enough to enter the company’s ITN in the payment order or in a separate widget. The service was implemented using the solution "Contour. Focus” by company SKB Kontur.

Mobile application BSS Business v. 3.5 works with the RBS system CORREQTS Corporate v. 2.3.26 and higher, and will work with system "RBS BS-Client x64" v. 20.1.790 and higher some time later.

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