SMP Bank launched a new mobile bank for business by BSS with SafeTech's PayControl technology

10 September 2020

SMP Bank, together with BSS and SafeTech companies, completed the implementation of a mobile bank for small and medium-sized businesses based on Digital2Business Mobile solution. This is a full-fledged mobile office for financial management on iOS and Android platforms.

The problem of improving the technology and convenience of the mobile bank for business was solved during the implementation of the project in SMP Bank. It was important not just to update the application cosmetically, but to provide users with new functionality in a new user-friendly interface.

"We strive to provide our clients with convenient and functional financial management tools. The new mobile application meets the highest standards of remote banking services. It is convenient, functional, and provides prompt communication with the bank. At the same time, the most advanced system for ensuring the security of transactions in mobile devices is used," Alexander Kiselev, director of the small and medium business department, SMP Bank JSC, stressed.

The changes affected the application interface: the main page and the authorization page, the menu and work with payments and invoices, as well as the sections "Letters", "Statement", "Requests for revocation", "Settings", work with Push notifications and Pay Control.

"The reliability and security of operations in remote channels is always a priority for entrepreneurs, especially when it comes to mobile banking. But modern requirements are such that business wants not only security, but also convenience, ease, and speed of work. It’s no secret that in the past we had to sacrifice convenience to increase security and vice versa. This is now out of the question. Together with our reliable partner SafeTech, we were able to make the mobile bank fast, comfortable and safe," Georgy Kravchenko, CEO, BSS, noted.

The use of PayControl authentication and electronic signature by the Russian company SafeTech, a resident of the Skolkovo Foundation’s IT cluster, has reached a new level. Now the service is integrated into the mobile bank and transactions can be confirmed without going to a separate application, which significantly increased the speed, simplicity, and security of confirming transactions. Clients have already appreciated the innovation and give positive feedback about the new application.

"When we strive to develop digital channels, we should always remember how to make the client’s work not only convenient, but also safe. Improvement of SMP Bank’s RBS system for legal entities and the introduction of a mobile application with built-in PayControl is a vivid and successful example of this approach. Clients have a modern service in their hands that allows them to quickly solve all business problems with the highest level of security existing in the DIGITAL-channels market," Daria Verestnikova, commercial director, SafeTech, commented.

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