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Solution by BSS for small business based on Digital2Go platform is integrated with Internet accounting “Moe delo”

27 November 2018

The solution by BSS for small business based on Digital2Go platform now supports the work of "Moe delo", an Internet accounting that is popular among small and medium-sized businesses. The integration is implemented on the terms of the White Label partnership strategy concept. This implies that for a client of a bank the accounting interface will look the same as the interface of the Internet bank, and the logging-in will be like a clickthrough.

Internet accounting "Moe delo" provides a number of services that fit perfectly into the concept of the solution for small business based on the Digital2Go platform and will be in demand by users, namely:

  • Tax calendar to inform a client about the necessary actions and a simple transition to the implementation of a particular task in electronic accounting.
  • Tax calculation basing on turnovers in the bank.
  • Generating tax payments basing on tax calculation.
  • Tax reporting — the service generates it by itself and submits it to the tax office.

All that is required from a user when working with Internet accounting "Moe delo" is to follow the tax calendar and enter data on counterparties and employees into the service. The service will download statements from the bank, remind you of the reporting dates, calculate taxes and salary, and prepare reports and documents.

"We have automated most of the work of an accountant. The service is able to calculate taxes, create invoices, fill out declarations and send it online itself," Sergey Panov, general director of "Moe delo" service, says. "Automation allows an entrepreneur to do accounting by himself, and accountants will focus on how to make business more profitable."

"For our new solution, specially designed for small and medium-sized businesses, it is important to have a service such as "Moe delo" Internet accounting," Elena Zakharova, director of Digital2Go, notes. "A significant part of our target audience is already working with "Moe delo" or is ready to use the service."

The solution for small and medium-sized businesses based on Digital2Go platform was created from scratch in a record-short period — just 6 months. The product development process took into account the needs of future users: ease of use, convenience, high speed and functionality. At the head of the corner is the convenience of performing daily operations and the availability of solving urgent tasks.

An important factor in the success of the solution based on Digital2Go platform was the active participation of Markswebb’s specialists in the production cycle. They have in-depth expertise and understanding of what the right Internet bank for SMEs should be. The compliance of the solution based on Digital2Go platform with the tough and high requirements of Markswebb’s effectiveness assessment methodology enabled it to enter the TOP 5 of the Business Internet Banking Rank 2018.

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