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Voice solutions by BSS for banks — figures and facts at FINT-2017

19 September 2017

The development of artificial intelligence and technologies related to the recognition of human natural speech and a live dialogue between a client and the robot will allow banks to strengthen their own positions in the near future. 20170914_155112_400.jpg World banking practice argues for this trend. Artificial intelligence is already used by Bank of America, CapitalOne, MasterCard, etc. BSS Company, seeing the growth point for banks in the intelligent voice solutions, is actively developing this line. BSS expert told the professional community about real accomplishments in figures and facts at the practical conference FINT-2017, organized by Markswebb Agency.

"Our experience shows that people tend to be more loyal to a friendly and intelligent robot, and communication with an intellectual system lowers the stress level," Mr. Alexey Guryanov, Director of voice digital technologies department, BSS Company, said. "Therefore, an intelligent helper, voice and text chat-bot make it possible to handle up to 80% of client applications to the bank."

The expert’s words are confirmed by the implementation and use of the robot secretary in BPS-Sberbank — the case was presented at the practical conference. "Alesya", the intellectual assistant at BPS-Sberbank, received a memorable name, a lively voice, a vivid image, and all the wealth of the Machine Supervised Learning technology for human natural speech recognition.

As a result, according to statistics, after two-thirds of targeted training volume, "Alesya" correctly recognizes 72% of words. 20170914_155032_400.jpg It correctly understands the reason/topic of the client’s application in 86% of cases. 76% of clients who wanted to know the balance received the necessary information without transfer to an operator. 6% of all callers successfully solved all their questions in a dialogue with "Alesya". As a result of the launch of the intelligent assistant, the time for post-processing of each call is reduced by 40% saving 1.5 FTE (man-month) per 70,000 calls volume. Chat-bot by BSS conducts a dialogue in the most popular instant messengers: Viber, Telegram, Facebook Messenger and in the bank’s mobile application.

"We want to improve the efficiency of the contact center against the background of an active increase in incoming traffic," Mrs. Anna Litvinovich, head of call center, BPS-Sberbank, commented on the interest in voice solutions by BSS. "Speech IVR, chat bot, and voice biometrics will help us automate the processing of client applications, reduce client servicing time, efficiently distribute client requests, reduce the number of switches, and optimize and channel the resources of operators to other tasks."

The case of BSS and BPS-Sberbank "The conversation for three: BPS-Sberbank, BSS, and "Alesya" was positively marked by the organizers and participants of the conference.

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