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17 April 2017
"Rossiysky Сapital" launched a new mobile bank for corporate clients – "RK Business Mobile"

“RK Business Mobile” is based on state-of-the-art solution CORREQTS Corporate by BSS Company.

28 March 2017
NTechLab technology will become one of the key elements of multibiometric platform for banks by BSS Company

The face and voice recognition algorithms used make it possible to increase the speed and reliability of the bank clients' authentication.

26 January 2017
"BSS-Security" Company sums up the results of 2016

In 2016, "BSS-Security" increased sales volume and the number of new clients, expanded the boundaries of cooperation, including through the development of implemented projects.

12 January 2017
“BSS-Security" performed a package of measures for technical protection of information in JSC MCB "DOM-BANK"

The certificate of conformity issued to the bank makes it possible to process protected information containing sensitive data in accordance with the regulatory requirements.

22 November 2016
UniCredit Bank improved mobile application Mobile.UniCredit

Functionality of UniCredit Bank’s Mobile bank based on solution by BSS was extended.

14 October 2016
Belarusian Banks using RBS systems by BSS support the Interbank identification system

"B-Logic" company, the partner of BSS in the Republic of Belarus, implemented the regulator’s requirements in the banks-clients.

8 August 2016
UBRD helps analyze your business in the Internet bank Light

The Internet bank for corporate clients Light of The Ural Bank for Reconstruction and Development (UBRD) is powered by CORREQTS Corporate system by BSS.

28 July 2016
"BSS-Security" LLC completed works on re-execution of the licenses of FSTEC of Russia

The licenses issued by FSTEC of Russia make it possible to perform technical protection of the confidential information, and development and production of the confidential information protection facilities.

21 July 2016
UniCredit Bank entered TOP 10 best mobile banking applications

Mobile.UniCredit mobile bank of UniCredit Bank is based on the mobile application of the RBS system for individuals by BSS Company.

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