19 December 2019
Ak Bars Bank ranked among the top 3 most effective Internet banks for small businesses according to Markswebb

The solution for SMEs at Ak Bars Bank is implemented on the basis of Digital2Go platform by BSS

28 November 2019
iDa Mobile implemented Faster Payments System functionality

iDa Mobile is developing in BSS’s structure.

29 October 2019
Novosibirsk robot Nikolay spoke at the Council for the Development of the Digital Economy

Neurobot Nikolay is implemented on the basis of BSS’s artificial intelligence technologies.

27 August 2019
Novikombank updated mobile application

Novikombank and BSS, with the involvement of AIC, are implementing a large-scale project to update the RBS system for individuals.

1 August 2019
Intesa Bank implements a new digital banking platform for organizations and entrepreneurs

Electronic Bank Digitale is based on BSS’s solution for corporate clients.

25 July 2019
Clients of Vozrozhdenie Bank will use payment protection technologies by the resident of Skolkovo

The Internet bank and mobile bank for corporate clients of Vozrozhdenie Bank are based on solutions by BSS.

4 June 2019
Robot Nikolay began to receive calls from residents of the Novosibirsk region in the MFC

Intellectual assistant Nikolay is implemented using BSS's voice technologies.

30 May 2019
UniCredit Bank joined the Fast Payment System

UniCredit Bank’s Internet bank and mobile bank created on the basis of solutions by BSS.

23 April 2019
BPS-Sberbank’s contact center has won the Crystal Headset international competition

BPS-Sberbank’s virtual assistant “Alesya” won the prestigious award of the contact center and customer service industry.

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