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23 April 2019

According to the results of the Crystal Headset international competition organized by Call Center Guru professional community, the contact center became the winner in two categories at once: "The best small contact center" (up to 100 work places) and "Best sales practice". In addition, BPS-Sberbank got awards "Jury appreciation" in the nominations "Manager of the year" and "Operator of the year".

The Crystal Headset is one of the most prestigious industry awards, and over 200 applicants from more than 100 contact centers in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus and other countries take part in the competition every year. This year, BPS-Sberbank’s contact center submitted an application for participation in this prestigious contest for the first time and was nominated in several directions at once.

"We are making great efforts to build the work of the Contact center in accordance with the latest international standards in the field of remote services. And we are very pleased to receive such a high appreciation of our activities from international experts. This once again confirms the correctness of the development path we have chosen, based on anticipating customer needs and providing them with quality service," Anatoly Pavlovich, Executive director, BPS-Sberbank, said.

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The "birth" of "Alesya" is the result of the successful cooperation of BSS and BPS-Sberbank in the implementation of a comprehensive project to introduce voice services in the bank’s contact center based on BSS Speech platform. The service is based on speech recognition technology and handles incoming calls to the bank’s contact center. "Alesya" is "trained" to determine the essence of the appeal and answer the questions put in free form. A virtual operator assists retail clients of the bank in solving typical issues, relieves the burden on operators and allows the bank to reduce the cost of contact center.

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