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25 July 2019

Bank Vozrozhdenie announces the start of using PayControl solution developed by the Russian company SafeTech (a resident of the Skolkovo Foundation’s IT cluster). Clients of the Bank — legal entities got the opportunity to conveniently and safely confirm financial transactions on mobile devices using the Internet bank system and Vbank Business mobile application.

... Thanks to PayControl solution, it became possible to securely confirm banking operations using a mobile device in two systems at once — the Internet Bank and Vbank Business mobile application. At the moment of confirming the transaction, a client can see all the details of the payment: number, transaction amount, date, and the beneficiary’s account on the screen of the mobile device, and has the opportunity to verify their correctness.

PayControl solution will allow Vozrozhdenie Bank’s clients to easily and safely make financial transactions on their smartphone without the use of additional devices (tokens or smart cards, password generators.) Payments can be made without entering details and confirmation codes, without delays or canceling operations associated with the waiting or non-delivery of SMS messages and Push notifications, with one movement of the hand on the smartphone screen.

... "A unique feature of the project of implementing PayControl solution into the remote services of our bank was a thorough study of the whole range of technological, organizational, and legal issues. Adaptation of innovative technologies to the existing regulatory framework: the rules for the use of remote services, agreements with clients, manuals and instructions for users, as well as internal documents regulating the interaction between services and divisions of the Bank," Natalya Tupikina, director of the mass segment department, Vozrozhdenie Bank, said. "Given the volume and quality of work, we can confidently say that Vozrozhdenie Bank has again become an innovator in the market of remote banking services. The experience gained during the implementation, as well as the developed business scenarios and the legal basis for using PayControl will once again serve the entire banking community and set a high standard for the development of Internet and mobile banking."

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Bank Vozrozhdenie successfully uses the Internet bank and mobile bank for corporate clients implemented on the basis of solutions by BSS. BSS platform supports SafeTech’s PayControl solution by default, which allows the bank to provide its corporate clients with the service that ensures a high level of reliability and security of operations.

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