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1 August 2017

Kamsky Commercial Bank launched a mobile bank for business — the application "Kamkombank-Business" based on "Mobile Business Client" for smartphones by BSS Company. The bank’s website says:

"Install the application on your phone or tablet and run your business anywhere and anytime!"

Key functions and possibilities of the application:

  • Information of funds’ distribution over accounts
  • Transfers between own accounts
  • Viewing of statement and balance information
  • Balance update
  • History of operations
  • Payment status
  • Information is available 24/7
  • Search for the nearest ATMs and the bank’s branches.

Download the application to your device (iPhone, iPad, Android). The application is available in authorized stores of the following applications: Google Play, App Store."

Original news item

Corporate clients of Kamsky Commercial Bank already use a state-of-the-art Internet bank based on CORREQTS platform by BSS Company. The implementation of the mobile business application project is the imperative of our time and the latest request from the bank, which tries to provide the most useful services to corporate clients of all sizes. "Mobile Business Client" for smartphones, on the basis of which "Kamkombank-Business" was created, focuses on both small and medium-sized business clients and large business clients.

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