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27 February 2018

Novikombank, ranked among TOP-30 banks of Russia by assets, has been a client of BSS Company since 2011 and successfully uses the RBS system for legal entities and individuals by BSS, as well as specialized systems and services: "Notification Server", "FRAUD-Analysis", "Enterprise Clearing Centre (ECC)", "BSS e-Government Gate". The project of updating the bank from the current RBS system for private clients to a state-of-the-art omnichannel solution CORREQTS Retail became a new stage of cooperation.

Positive experience of cooperation, effective solution of tasks on remote interaction of the bank with clients, and modern technologies determined the choice of Novikombank. As part of the customer service improvement program, the bank decided to build a new Internet bank and mobile bank based on CORREQTS Retail by BSS Company. Omnichannel development has a number of significant advantages not only for the bank, but also for retail clients.

To implement the project, the bank needed an experienced team of experts, deeply understanding the internal business processes of the organization, and a flexible solution with broad integration capabilities. During the implementation, there was a non-trivial task of integrating the RBS system with ABS Diasoft (web services) and UCS processing, which was performed basing on the Typical Integration Solution (TIS) by BSS Company.

At the first stage, the responsible team carried out a pre-project study with the definition of all the parameters of the future system and its compliance with the customer’s requirements. Further, the design was branded and an integration solution was developed; software and hardware were installed. The next step was the migration of the pilot group and pilot-industrial operation involving the bank’s employees. The introduction was completed in January 2018 with the migration of all clients and the launch of the system.

As a result, Novikombank and its private clients received an advanced Internet and mobile banks with an outstanding user experience. A convenient interface, new services, and the broadest possible use of banking products and services have determined the growth of remote services’ quality. Mobile app for iOS and Android platforms available in AppStore and Google Play marketplaces.

Among the key advantages, the following should be noted:

  • Fast and convenient payments and transfers;
  • The ability of obtaining up-to-date data on client’s products online before performing operations;
  • Regular and timely notification of clients about new bills for housing and communal services, taxes, fines, and the possibility of paying bills received without having to visit the bank branch;
  • Selection and use of new banking products (accounts, deposits, loans);
  • Flexible management of the texts of offers for servicing operations and payment for services with differentiation by document type;
  • Loan repayment (scheduled and early);
  • Ordering of various types of certificates with differentiation by the client’s product types;
  • Mechanism for notifications via the following channels: sms, push, e-mail.

With the introduction of CORREQTS Retail system and the transfer of retail clients to the new Internet and mobile banking, Novikombank has increased its compliance with the users’ most demanding requirements. This made it possible not only to strengthen the innovative image, but also to strengthen customer loyalty. The new solution allows you to quickly make the necessary changes regarding the available services and products and to implement any design of the user interface corresponding to modern UX and UI and the vision of the bank.

"Our clients are becoming more demanding for the functionality of remote banking services. For them, it is important not only that these services are always at hand, but also that they provide the maximum and personalized list of banking services. Novikombank’s mobile application and renewed Internet bank meet the highest standards of remote servicing and greatly simplify the access to modern financial services for our clients," Mrs. Elena Georgieva, Board Chairman, Novikombank, said.

"We welcome the desire of Novikombank to be a high-tech financial and credit organization and try to offer the best industrial practices and solutions," Mr. Vitaly Pateshman, Sales director, BSS, pointed out. "BSS is grateful to the bank for its choice and long-term cooperation. I am confident that our developments and the industry expertise will help the bank build a successful business and anticipate clients’ expectations".

JSCB NOVIKOMBANK is ranked among TOP-30 largest Russian banks by assets as of January 1, 2018, according to the reports published on the website of the Central Bank of Russia. The priority direction of the bank’s activity is financing of Russian industrial enterprises, including the ones of high-tech industries, aviation and automotive industry. State Corporation Rostec is one of the largest shareholders of Novikombank.

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