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5 October 2020

Not a single bank can do without a mobile application now. Mobile only is a trend not only among individuals, but also in the small business segment. The updated mobile application of Ak Bars Bank has received all the necessary functionality so that clients from individual entrepreneurs to heads of companies can solve their daily business tasks as quickly and comfortably as possible using only a smartphone.

Digest of the most important changes:

  • Clear and intuitive design making the application easy to use;
  • The speed of the mobile application is now at least 2 times higher than that of its predecessor;
  • Navigation has been simplified and the payment section has been reorganized taking into account new capabilities; 
  • The login process has become more modern: face recognition, fingerprint recognition. If your smartphone has new identifiers, for example, voice recognition, the application will be able to use it as well;
  • Forgot your password? Recover it quickly using the SMS code;
  • The application has a built-in tool PayControl. It allows you to sign transactions directly on your smartphone without SMS;

So far, the application is available only for owners of phones on the Android system. In the near future, we will please Apple lovers too.


The navigation bar at the bottom of the screen allows you to quickly navigate to the creation of a payment order, menus and services. Application users can choose one of three languages: Russian, Tatar or English.

On the main screen, you can see the cumulative account balance in one currency. Click on a specific account to view all the information on it: the actual and available balance, details, analytics, and cards linked to it.

The built-in counterparty verification service will help to avoid mistakes in choosing a partner. The service will show reviews about the counterparty, its financial condition and the cumulative result of official inspections.

Payment order

Directories and tips will help you to fill in the details: when choosing a counterparty or VAT rate, the system will offer suitable options. You can also import or create a payment order based on a photo or scan of an invoice.

Create templates and notify the counterparty about the payment — all you need to do is check the box in the appropriate field.

The application will show the status of the payment: "for signature", "in processing", "rejected". The list of operations itself is presented in the form of an "endless scroll"; you can scroll through the list to the first operation.

Account statement

Now it can not only be generated, downloaded or sent via any available channel, but also configured thanks to the filter.

No office visit

You can contact the bank in one click: by clicking on the "Callback" or "Letter to the bank" button.

It is said that no one is interested in ratings. It is not a place in a line, but personal comfort that is important to people. And although Ak Bars Bank’s remote banking services are among the top three, we focus not on this, but on your assessment. Download Ak Bars Mobile app and rate it yourself.

Original publication

The result of many years of cooperation between Ak Bars Bank and BSS Company are reliable and safe solutions that the bank offers to its clients. Ak Bars Bank’s new mobile application is based on Digital2Business Mobile. It is a full-fledged mobile office running on iOS and Android platforms.

While creating Digital2Business Mobile, serious R&D work was carried out to study and adapt the best international and Russian experience in developing mobile banking.

The focus is on functionality, design, simplicity and usability of the mobile application. Key user scripts have been audited by Markswebb consulting agency. This made it possible to use the best practices of the leaders of the banking market in BSS’s mobile solution to the fullest extent possible.

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