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11 August 2020

In July, the intellectual assistant Nikolay, that answers the calls of applicants to the contact center My Documents, learned to recognize new commands.

Now the robot is ready to advise on:

  • TIN
  • Registration of the house book
  • Certificates of the presence or absence of a criminal record and the absence of punishment for the use of drugs
  • Registration at an employment center
  • Address certificate
  • The status of low-income person or low-income family
  • Migration registration
  • Removal of encumbrance
  • Queues for kindergarten
  • Transport cards.

In addition, Nikolay can inform for how long the ready documents are stored in My Documents centers, and how to get them from the archives of departments.

Nikolay provides all consultations 24/7. It easily answers questions about the readiness of documents, the mode of operation and addresses of My Documents centers, the order of preliminary registration, and state duty.

Nikolay will definitely notify about routine maintenance, reduced working days and holidays.

The robot conducts consultations on the services in demand — you can clarify the required package of documents and the procedure for obtaining them.

If the robot finds it difficult to answer the caller’s question or cannot recognize the essence of the question, it transfers the call to an operator.

Due to the fact that Nikolay records every action of the applicant in the process of communication, the operator will see all the necessary information and transcription of the dialogue. Seeing the history of communication and correspondence, he/she can advise the applicant without spending additional time clarifying information.

The work to improve robot Nikolay continues, it is enhancing and learning.

In the near future, it is planned to expand the list of consultations with more complex services: the creation and liquidation of an individual entrepreneur and a legal entity, registration of a tax deduction, a birth certificate, a hunting ticket and a hunting permit, compensation for a kindergarten, applying to a school, obtaining a compulsory medical insurance policy, certificates of a large family, start informing about free vacancies in the MFC, working hours of departments, and much more.

Original publication

The digital intelligent civil servant Nikolay was developed on the basis of BSS Company’s technologies in a joint project with the Department of Informatization and Development of Telecommunication Technologies of the Novosibirsk Region. Neurobot-consultant is the laureate of the All-Russian prize in the field of import substitution «Project Leader» in the nomination «Integration of digital technologies».

A similar solution using BSS’s voice technologies was chosen by the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation for the Unified Portal of Public Services and Functions (the UPPS), as well as other federal departments (the PFR, etc.). The robot consultant is already working in the Kemerovo, Nizhny Novgorod and Ulyanovsk regions.

The scope of the neurobot consultant use is not limited to the MFC. It can successfully solve communication problems in housing and communal services, medical organizations, law enforcement authorities, the Ministry of Emergencies and other budgetary, state and municipal bodies and services.

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