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4 June 2019

"The intelligent voice robot-consultant in the MFC is the first such development in the country. Now, the robot-consultant, answers calls at the call center of the MFC prior to operators, gives advice on the provision of public services and provides background information on frequently asked questions. At the same time, the work on improving the robot continues: new linguistic models focused on a large number of various scenarios are being introduced," Anatoly Dyubanov, head of the department of informatization and development of telecommunication technologies in the Novosibirsk region, pointed out.

The robot-consultant who has been given the unofficial name "Nikolay" is designed to solve a number of problems arising during the operation of the contact center. The robot works around the clock, eliminates the probability of "human factor" and does not require waiting on the line during peak hours.

At the same time, the robot is able to advise only on issues related to the work of the MFC and cannot support non-core topics. If the robot finds it difficult to answer the question of the caller, or cannot recognize the essence of the question, it transfers the call to the operator.

To date, the robot can be asked a question on five topics: "Order of pre-registration in the MFC", "Information on addresses and work schedules of the MFC", "Consultation on the procedure for obtaining a driver’s license, maternity capital, SNILS, and on enrollment to kindergarten", "Consultation on state fees", and "Checking the application status." In the near future the list of topics will be expanded.

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In the course of cooperation for the creation and launch of the intelligent voice robot-consultant in the MFC of the Novosibirsk region, BSS provided the technological opportunity to use neurotechnology. It is based on the latest advances in machine learning, acoustic and language modeling using neural network algorithms, real-time speech decoding, working with open dictionaries of unlimited size, and high resistance to various types of noise and recording channels.

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