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29 May 2018

RosEvroBank in cooperation with BSS Company has implemented a new system of remote banking services "Bank-Client" based on CORREQTS Corporate. Now, more services are available for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs that do not require a visit to the bank's branches.

The new "Bank-Client" has become multi-browser and is available in the operating systems MS Windows and MacOS (OSX), Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Safari.

The modules "Payroll project" and "Online conversion" received the most significant development effort. In particular, now, as part of the payroll project, clients can track the processing of registries online, receive additional information and comments from the bank. In addition, it is possible to perform real-time currency conversion operations at a rate close to the stock exchange one.

Electronic document flow allows clients to remotely sign contracts and additional agreements and send them to the bank; and the service "Traffic Light" provides an opportunity to obtain the necessary information about counterparties. It is possible to view payment orders, requirements and bank orders, as well as to send applications for acceptance or rejection to the bank in the system’s card file.

With the help of flexible system settings, RosEvroBank's clients can create templates of payment documents, export/import documents into accounting programs, transmit currency control documents electronically, create their own and view corporate bank directories.

Thanks to the mechanisms of electronic signature, cryptographic algorithms of data encryption and authentication of the parties when interacting on the Internet, the CORREQTS system fully ensures the client’s information security.

"The introduction of the new system "Bank-Client" confirms the technological maturity of the IT landscape, as well as the flexibility and efficiency of RosEvroBank’s product model. We offer our clients high-quality and convenient services that make it possible to perform all the necessary operations while conducting business. The maximum satisfaction of clients' needs is one of the main goals of the bank in the development of innovative solutions," Mr. Alexei Yevtushenko, executive vice-president, RosEvroBank, commented.

"When connecting to the system, clients are able to conduct transactions on accounts, view balances and statements, manage payroll projects and corporate cards, perform currency transactions, use electronic document flow and digital signature, check counterparties and enter into contracts. The new "Bank-Client" has become much more convenient. The system is easy to use and does not require special knowledge in the field of information technology. We strive to meet all the needs of our clients and constantly improve remote services," Mrs. Tatyana Anokhina, director of operating directorate, explained.

Original news item

The introduction of the RBS system for legal entities CORREQTS Corporate in RosEvroBank by CORREQTS Corporate allows the bank to keep pace with the times and offer up-to-date and modern services for clients. When choosing the RBS system, RosEvroBank carefully examined the potential of the vendor company not only in terms of developing modern solutions, but also considering the quality of product introduction. The choice of BSS was based, inter alia, on offer of the actual functionality of remote banking services, readiness to take into account the requirements of the bank, and the ability to work according to Agile.

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