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21 December 2017

Russian Agricultural Bank launched "User account" service in the system of Remote banking services for business "Internet-Client". The new service makes it possible to connect to "Internet-Client" system in just two steps.

A client needs to register on the Bank’s website using the login and password received in the Bank and submit the required applications electronically at any convenient time.

The client then independently creates permanent electronic signature keys and can work with the system after receiving the certificate therefor.

Original news item.

Russian Agricultural Bank in cooperation with BSS Company has increased the functionality of the RBS system for legal entities: "User account" of a corporate client has been introduced, which ensures high data protection and makes it possible to generate applications and requests to the bank. In general, the system ensures preparation, protection, and transfer of electronic documents to the bank by the client; processing of electronic payment documents by the bank; creation of cash flow statements and other messages by the bank and submitting them to the client.

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