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27 November 2018

PayControl software package is built into the modern platform by BSS for creating remote banking services. Thanks to PayControl, it became possible to securely confirm banking operations in two systems at once: Ak Bars Business Online and Ak Bars Mobile. Now the managers of the bank’s client-company can additionally confirm payments from outside the office, for example, on a business trip. At the time of confirmation of payment, the client can see all the details of the payment (number, amount, date, account of the recipient) on the screen of the mobile device and check their correctness.

«Mobile and Internet banking systems are an important tool for banking services in the context of ubiquitous digitalization. They facilitate the implementation of routine processes and thereby increase the loyalty of bank clients. We place high demands on all remote banking services. This is especially true for securing transactions and customer service. PayControl software package meets our expectations,» Mrs. Tatyana Nurieva, Head of the remote banking service development department, Ak Bars Bank. «The implementation of this technology by our long-time partner, SafeTech, will help develop customer-requested services, increase the number of bank users and increase their satisfaction with banking services.»

The use of PayControl solution allowed Ak Bars Bank clients to make financial transactions:

  • On their smartphone without using additional devices (tokens, password generators);
  • Without entering payment details and confirmation codes manually;
  • Without delays and cancellation of operations associated with waiting or non-delivery of SMS messages and Push notifications;
  • with one hand movement on the smartphone screen.

The main advantage of PayControl in comparison with traditional methods of confirming payments, in particular, one-time password via SMS, is that the transaction confirmation code is generated directly on the client’s mobile device. The code is tied to the details of the transaction, and its interception by fraudsters will not lead to theft of funds from the account. An additional advantage is that access to the Internet from a smartphone is not required to confirm the actions taken — the transaction signature can be generated both online and offline. Thus, PayControl helps to reduce the dependence of bank clients on the availability and quality of cellular communications at the time of operations.

«The use of PayControl at Ak Bars Bank has once again proved the relevance and efficiency of the financial technologies of our residents at Skolkovo,» Mr. Pavel Novikov, Director of the competence center of Fintech & Blockchain, the Skolkovo Foundation, stated. «We are very pleased with the results of SafeTech’s business development and are proud of our successful collaboration. From project to project, the solutions and technologies of the company demonstrate a high demand, ease of integration into the banking service systems and advantages for the banks themselves: a significant increase in the RBS security, simplification of interaction with clients, and minimization of security costs.»

«The creation of remote banking and financial management systems cannot be considered complete without ensuring the security of remote customer service,» Mr. Vitaly Pateshman, Sales Director, BSS, points out. «Typically, financial transaction security technologies complicate and limit user experience. The technology of our partner, SafeTech, on the contrary, besides the high security of payments, also ensures the simplicity of interaction with the bank and makes the work of users convenient.»

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