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30 May 2019

UniCredit Bank has provided its clients with the opportunity to receive and send money using the Fast Payment System by phone number.

At the first stage, UniCredit Bank’s clients can transfer money from their current account in Russian rubles without charging a fee. In the future, it will be possible to transfer funds from bank cards.

Crediting of funds through the Fast Payment System from other banks is available to bank clients who have entered into an integrated banking service agreement and have a current account in the bank in Russian rubles if there are no restrictions provided by the bank.

"We are pleased to provide our clients — individuals with a new payment service, which makes it even faster and more convenient to transfer money: to use the service, it is enough to know the recipient’s phone number, and the money goes to his account almost instantly. At present, the Bank of Russia does not charge a fee from banks, and we support the need to popularize the service — in the first stage, UniCredit Bank transfers money through the FPS without a fee," Viktor Nosov, Director of the Department for development of remote service channels, commented.

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Internet Bank Enter. UniCredit and Mobile Bank Mobile. UniCredit for retail clients of UniCredit Bank are based on solutions by BSS. In order for the bank to be able to connect and work in the Fast Payment System, BSS added this option in the solutions used. At the same time, all works were carried out in a tight schedule, as determined by UniCredit Bank. As a result, the bank is fully satisfied with the new functionality and ideally fit into the terms of service connection defined by the Bank of the Russian Federation.

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