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25 July 2018

The official website of UniCredit Bank reports that "now it is easy and quick to send money from card to card not only inside Russia, but also abroad. The new option is available in the Bank’s mobile application, in system Enter.UniCredit, and on the Bank’s website.

"Transfers between the cards of Russian banks are already routine and standard operation for everyone. Now, in UniCredit Bank, clients are offered transfers to 25 countries. We are working to further expand the list of countries where you can send a card transfer, and are studying the possibility of making transfers from foreign banks’ cards. And, of course, we will continue the development of remote channels, including the feedback of our clients about their personal client experience," Mr. Viktor Nosov, Director, Department of development of remote service channels, says.

Funds are credited instantly in most cases, in some cases the term of enrollment can reach 3 working days.

The transfer currency is always Russian rubles only. If the account of a card to be debited or a card to be credited is opened in a different currency, the conversion is made according to the rules of payment systems and the payer’s or beneficiary’s bank, respectively.

Information about the fee and the limits of transfers is always displayed before the confirmation of the operation".

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Internet bank Enter.UniCredit and mobile bank Mobile.UniCredit for UniCredit Bank’s retail clients are based on solutions by BSS Company. The systems are dynamically developing: there is a new demanded functionality and the existing one is being improved. High frequency of updates allows to comply with modern trends of remote banking services and meet the most demanding requirements of users.

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