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1 June 2017

"UniCredit Bank improved remote services.

What’s new in Internet bank Enter.UniCredit:

  • Section "Invoices for payment" has been updated. Now it allows adding a new traffic fines subscription and enabling e-mail notifications.
  • In case of a credit card debt, the main screen displays information about the delay.
  • Updated design of “Service payment” section.
  • When transferring to another bank, you can start entering BIC or the name of the beneficiary's bank, and the system will automatically display in the list of available options.

What’s new in mobile application Mobile.UniCredit:

  • Option to create tax payments, which details can be read from the QR code has been added.
  • When paying for services, the receipt can be saved or sent by e-mail.
  • The process of payment has been simplified. Now SMS with confirmation password comes automatically."

Original item:

Internet bank Enter.UniCredit and mobile bank Mobile.UniCredit for individuals are based on system "RBS BS-Client. Retail Client" by BSS Company. The projects are successfully developing and improving. The active interaction of the bank’s and BSS’s development teams, including Agile methodology, makes it possible to regularly update the solutions, provide users with new modern demanded functionality, and meet the most demanding requirements for remote banking systems.

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