2 July 2019
BSS entered the Top 25 ranking of the largest ICT companies according to RAEX

BSS also improved its results in the “Information Technology Services” and “Software Development” lists.

14 November 2018
BSS in the TOP 20 of ranking “Largest IT providers for banks 2018”

The results of Cnews Analytics ranking “The Largest IT Providers for Banks” were announced as part of Cnews review “IT in banks and insurance companies 2018”.

18 October 2018
Solution by BSS Company based on the new platform is in the TOP 5 of Markswebb’s rating

The new solution for business by BSS is in the TOP 5 Business Internet Banking Rank 2018 by Markswebb.

5 June 2018
BSS rose 3 steps in the ranking of the largest IT companies according to RAEX

Following the results of 2017, the Company took the 27th line of the common list.

28 May 2018
BSS Company improved its position in the rating "CNews Analytics: The Largest Russian IT Developers"

Following the results of 2017, the Company rose to the 22nd place in the top 40 largest Russian IT developers.

8 June 2017
BSS Company in Top 30 Largest IT companies according to RAEX

Ranking of the largest groups and companies in the field of information and communication technologies was published following the results of 2016.

31 January 2017
BSS Group sums up the results of 2016

For BSS Group, 2016 has become the beginning of the implementation of new "Open Platform" strategy and the introduction of fundamentally new level solutions to the market.

26 December 2016
SKB-bank's mobile bank corresponds to Markswebb's Top 3 ranking

SKB-bank’s mobile applications for iOS and Android are based on CORREQTS Retail solution by BSS Company.

22 July 2016
Banks using CORREQTS Corporate are in TOP 10 Business Internet Banking Rank 2016

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