28 May 2018

The agency CNews Analytics published the results of the IT industry in Russia in 2017 - "IT market: results of 2017". Analyzing the situation, the agency notes that the results of the year cannot be called unambiguous. Some market participants indicate a significant growth in the industry despite the expected stagnation. Others believe that the time for optimistic forecasts has not come yet. Nevertheless, CNews Analytics notes that "the software market shows the fastest growth: by 8.5% in 2017, and 9.4% in 2018."

BSS confirms the thesis of the analytical agency, demonstrating strengthening the position in the rating BSS Company improved its position in the rating "CNews Analytics: The Largest Russian IT Developers". In 2017, compared to the previous same period, the revenue from the sale of proprietary products increased to 1,621,361 thousand rubles (from 1,493,625 thousand rubles in 2016). The share of proceeds from the sale of proprietary products in total revenue was 82%. The growth drivers were the flagship platform CORREQTS and the RBS systems CORREQTS Retail and CORREQTS Corporate, BSS Business for smartphones, Enterprise Clearing Centre (ECC), "FRAUD-Analysis", "Notification Centre", and voice services.

In addition, following the results of 2017, BSS ranks 59 in the rating "CNews100: The Largest Russian IT Companies 2017".