16 June 2016

CNews Analytics agency published the results of the rating "CNews100: The Largest Russian IT Companies 2015". The agency notes the decline of both the world, and the Russian IT market following the analysis of the situation in the market. If the global ITM declined by 3% in monetary terms, then the Russian one’s decline amounts to double digits, and reaches 40%. CNews Analytics summarizes: "the leaders of the IT industry keep maximum safety margin."

BSS Company confirms this analytics agency’s thesis: following the results of 2015, BSS took the 52th position in the list "CNews100: The Largest Russian IT Companies", having its position improved by 6 points comparing to 2014 (the 58th position). Total revenue for the reporting period increased by 3.4%. BSS ranks among TOP-20 largest IT developers in Russia following the results of 2015.

"The global and domestic IT markets’ decline requires decisive actions," Mr. Georgy Kravchenko, Director General, BSS Company, points out. "We are working hard at innovative solutions for banks, designed to make our clients’ business profitable and to open new points of growth in the new economy. BSS Company is trusted by the leading banks, and we are obliged to meet their expectations, so we are continuing to improve our products and business processes to achieve the best result in common projects with banks."