31 January 2017

For BSS Company, 2016 has become a new stage of innovations and changes. "Open Platform" concept has been adopted and is being implemented; CORREQTS Retail and CORREQTS Corporate remote banking service systems, based on CORREQTS platform, have been brought to the new level of development; the principles, combining high speed of product launching and the guarantee of stability, integrability, and full support in the long run, have been accepted as a basis for the development.

The recognition of the RBS system for retail customers CORREQTS Retail v.3.3 as the corresponding to the efficiency level of Top 5 Internet banks and Top 3 mobile banks has become an outstanding result of the year. A large-scale and detailed audit of the system was carried out by Markswebb Rank & Report analytical agency — an expert in the performance evaluation of bank remote channels.

This result was also confirmed by the audit of mobile banks for iOS and Android platforms in SKB-bank, conducted by Markswebb Rank & Report. The banks based on CORREQTS Retail system are rated at the level of Top 3 best mobile banks.

The banks using CORREQTS Corporate — the solution by BSS for corporate clients: UBRD, PJSC, and JSC Raiffeisenbank ranked among Top-10 effective Internet banks for small business. They took the 5th and 7th positions, respectively, in the rating of Internet banks for small business start-ups and the 7th and 10th positions in the rating of Internet banks for professional small business.

The high protection of CORREQTS platform in the field of information security was recognized, and the absence of critical vulnerabilities was confirmed. The audit of the system was conducted by one of the leading international companies in the field of prevention and investigation of cybercrime and high-tech fraud — Group-IB. The analysis revealed that CORREQTS platform significantly reduces the risk of unintentional writing of vulnerable code.

BSS Group again confirmed the stability and sustainability of its development by improving the indicators in the annual ranking of the largest IT companies RAEX (Expert RA) and the rating "CNews100: Russia’s Largest IT Companies". According to RAEX information, BSS Group has strengthened its position by taking the 25th position in the general table of the largest ICT groups and companies and in "Top 40: Information Technology Services", and also retained its position in top three in "Top 5: distribution". According to CNews Analytics agency, BSS improved its position in CNews list of Russia’s largest IT companies moving 6 points up from the 58th to 52nd position, and also entered Top 20 of Russia’s largest IT developers. All this, despite the decline in the global and domestic IT market.

The status of the leader in the development of the RBS systems was confirmed also by the expert council of the Banking Sphere Award — BSS Company won "RBS Developer" nomination, confidently outstripping other candidates.

In 2016, BSS Company received a certificate of conformity with the requirements of GOST ISO 9001-2011 (ISO 9001: 2008) quality management system in the production and provision of services for the implementation and maintenance of information systems.

The solution by BSS, which made it possible to ensure compliance with the requirements of the Law 275-FZ "On the State Defense Order", is worth noting. It is the only industrial solution on the market used by authorized banks to conduct banking services and provide reporting under the 275-FZ.

BSS Company is confident in the future and aims at implementing new "Open Platform" strategy, developing innovative solutions that help banks build a unified ecosystem of remote interaction with clients to improve business performance.

Summarizing the results of 2016, Mr. Georgy Kravchenko, Director General, BSS Company, points out:

"Efficiency and speed of change is achieved today due to the transition from closed systems to open platforms, where most of the functionality and services can be formed by using open APIs and creating marketplaces. To implement such a strategy, the company needs a fundamentally different culture and architecture. Therefore, we set a course for a completely new configuration. The new platform will be truly open. Almost all this is done today. In the near future, it will be possible to design new functional modules using the capabilities of the system core. Our approach makes it possible to build a unique architecture in a bank, including application of innovative speech processing services in various business processes, points and channels of customer service; and special developer tools allow one to easily incorporate and replicate the application of such services on various devices and in any bank’s applications."