14 November 2018

A new review "IT in banks and insurance companies 2018", prepared by Cnews Analytics and published on Cnews website, states a significant increase in banks’ expenses on information technology with a noticeable reduction in the number of financial and credit organizations.

So, in 2017, 62 credit organizations were deprived of licenses. Over the same period, according to CNews rating, the IT market segment under review has grown by almost a third (+ 29%) in ruble terms. Given the strengthening of the ruble, the growth in terms of dollars was even higher — 48%. At the same time, large state-owned banks, which dominate the market, invest in the IT infrastructure more actively than others.

Traditionally, as part of the review, Cnews Analytics agency published the results of the ranking "Largest IT providers for banks 2018″. BSS confidently ranks among the TOP 20, entrenched in the 16th place with revenue of ₽1 959 879 thousand, including VAT, from projects in the financial sector in 2017.

It is worth noting that BSS is one of the few companies in the presented ranking, which is almost entirely focused on the banking financial market.