26 December 2016

Markswebb Rank & Report analytical agency conducted an extended performance audit of SKB-bank’s mobile applications for iOS and Android using Mobile Banking Rank 2016 method. According to the research, the mobile bank for retail clients using iOS-powered mobile devices has received an overall grade of 62 points, which corresponds to the 3rd position in the ranking after Tinkoff and Sberbank banks. The total score was calculated based on the functionality of the mobile application (SKB-bank’s mobile bank for iOS received 6.4 out of 10 points) and the evaluation of usability (3.4 out of 5 points).

The mobile bank for Android devices has received an overall grade of 59.8 points, which also corresponds to the 3rd position in the ranking, but after Tinkoff and Alfa-Bank banks. The evaluation of the functionality of SKB-bank’s mobile application for Android is 6.2 points out of 10, the evaluation of usability — 3.3 out of 5 points.

"Following the audit, SKB-bank’s applications received high grades, and if participated in the audit of Mobile Banking Rank 2016, would have claimed to get into Top 3 rankings for both platforms," Mr. Alexey Skobelev, Director General, Markswebb Rank & Report, commented on the results. "SKB-bank’s mobile banks for iPhone and Android powered by BSS’s platform are surpassed only by Tinkoff Bank’s, Sberbank’s, and Alfa-Bank’s applications."

The mobile RBS is an important part of SKB-bank’s retail strategy. BSS Company shares the bank’s aspiration and implements a unified IT-infrastructure of remote banking services, including planning, design, development, implementation, and support, as well as creation of mobile applications for IOS and Android with common functionality.

"Development of remote channels, including mobile banking, is a priority for SKB-bank," Mr. Konstantin Kotelnikov, Remote sales department Director, said. "The results of the mobile bank audit reinforce our confidence in the correctness of choice of both BSS Company as a strategic partner, and CORREQTS technological platform."

"High positions of SKB-bank’s mobile banks following the outcomes of Markswebb’s study is the result of hard teamwork of SKB and BSS Company on creation of the state-of-the-art RBS with increased performance indicators," Mr. Vitaly Pateshman, Sales Director, BSS Company, noted. "It is a serious and responsible work for us, aimed at the success of the bank. I am sure that all SKB-bank’s clients will appreciate the convenience and performance of the new RBS."