18 October 2018

mw-small.jpgBSS Company proudly presents Digital2Go to the banking community — an open platform of a new generation, the development of which has been actively pursued over the past two years.

Digital2Go has incorporated the best practices and developments of BSS Company which were successfully tested in the leading banks of the Russian Federation and received a high rating from the end users. The new generation open platform has a powerful development potential, unique customization capabilities, wide functionality, and a streamlined mechanism for quick adaptation to the changing industry landscape, the requirements of the bank and the needs of its clients.

In order to confirm the capabilities of the new generation platform, BSS Company’s development team together with Markswebb analytical agency’s expert group developed a solution for small and micro businesses which has no analogues in the market in 6 months.

For the BSS team, the active participation of Markswebb’s specialists, who have deep expertise and understanding of what is the right Internet bank, in the production cycle of creating a new product has become the starting point of conviction in the correctness of the chosen vector and confidence in the relevance of development for the chosen category of clients. The result of Business Internet Banking Rank 2018 — the sixth wave of the annual research of the effectiveness of Internet banks for small businesses confirms the assumption: the solution by BSS is in the TOP 5.

The effectiveness of Internet banks in Business Internet Banking Rank 2018 study was evaluated for three types of small businesses. The solution by BSS received 68.3 points, which corresponds to the position between the 4th and 5th places, in the category «Micro-business (individual entrepreneurs without staff)»; 71 points in the category «Retail business establishment, making payments only in rubles», which corresponds to the position between the 3rd and 4th places; and 71.1 points in the category «Company engaged in foreign economic activity», which also corresponds to the position between the 3rd and 4th places

«The high positions of our solution in Business Internet Banking Rank 2018 allow BSS Company, together with banks, to create new level solutions basing on the new platform that meet the high requirements of Markswebb’s efficiency assessment methodology,» Georgy Kravchenko, director general, BSS, pointed out. «BSS expresses its sincere appreciation to Markswebb for the rendered expert assistance and advice. I am confident that our fruitful cooperation will continue in the future.»

«The solution by BSS showed high results during the study, given rather stringent and uncompromising requirements of Markswebb’s audit and testing methodology,» Alexey Skobelev, director general, Markswebb, said. «We are pleased to note that our participation in the creation of the product has proved to be demanded and effective.»