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CORREQTS Retail v. 3.3

BSS Company released a new version of CORREQTS Retail system for remote servicing of banks’ retail clients — CORREQTS Retail v. 3.3. It is a fundamentally new solution powered by CORREQTS platform, which contains many innovations in regard to both technological part, and the part of user scenarios, design, interface, and functionality.

The banking operations and products implemented in CORREQTS Retail v. 3.3 provide flexible options to manage plastic cards, open and close accounts, loans, deposits, and wide payment capabilities. Scripts of P2P-transfer by phone number and the card number with the possibility to transfer between cards of any bank, and support of 3D Secure technology are implemented in the system. The system of personalized loan and deposit offers has been developed; the option of self-registration has been implemented for both the bank’s clients with full access level, and for the "not yet clients" of the bank with limited access; and the option of binding other banks’ cards and making payments from these cards. A chat with the bank ensures increased user convenience in the system.

The system’s feature of remembering the user’s actions and offering the client to continue from the last place with no data loss even in the case of session termination at any stage of document generation has become the brightest one in terms of user experience and UX. Moreover, the data entered by the client can be synchronized online between client’s various stationary and mobile devices according to Omni-Channel principle. The new layout and interface design are powered by HTML5 technology considering the best practices and are can be adapted to any requirements of the bank. A form of smart transfers has been introduced, providing the user with the sources and payees: as a list or a search query.

CORREQTS Retail v. 3.3 is significantly superior to the previous version in terms of technology. The dedicated presentation layer interacts with the server via API. A separate integration module — TIS (Typical Integration Solution) — is used for the interaction with the bank’s accounting system, while the interaction with payment systems is made via EPOS system, featuring support of the most complicated form exchange protocols.

For more information about updated system CORREQTS Retail v. 3.3 and purchase conditions please contact BSS Sales department by phone: +7 (495) 785-04-94, 785-04-99, or by e-mail:

About upgrading of a previous version:

BSS Company released CORREQTS Retail v. 3.3 (28 July 2016)

CORREQTS Retail — the new solution by BSS Company (20 October 2015)