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CORREQTS Corporate v. 2.3.10

BSS Company released update of the RBS system CORREQTS Corporate v. 2.3.10 — a complete solution for arrangement of remote banking services for legal entities. The update includes a new product — "Electronic office" solution. This relevant tool ensures:

1. Reduction of a bank’s operating costs.
2. Increase of fee revenue.
3. Increase of customer loyalty.

"Electronic Office" is a right-hand man of corporate clients at all stages of interaction with the bank. For those clients who logged in, opened a bank account in accordance with the established procedure, and connected it to the RBS system, Personal Account in "Electronic Office" provides the necessary and sufficient functionality of e-document flow with the bank. CORREQTS Corporate v. 2.3.10 makes it possible to:

  • Connect bank service plans by the client himself;
  • Connect bank services, including third-party services (market place).

The work on the new functionality of "Electronic office" is in progress. The following features will be available in the next versions:

  • Electronic making of deals, agreements, and additional agreements to them with the bank;
  • Sending offers from the bank to the client, including the option to accept or decline them;
  • Execution of electronic applications for certificates (of settlement account turnovers, of existence/absence of loan indebtedness, etc.) by the client;
  • Order of one-time services (cash logistics, transportation of valuables, etc.)

It is important that the "Electronic office" is implemented in accordance with the concept of "the open platform." This means that the routes of passage of electronic documents and their attributes can be configured by bank’s product specialists without calling on a vendor and IT services. At the same time, the approximate time for placement of a tariff plan, a service, etc., in the electronic channel will be 5-10 minutes.

Convenient, neat, and easy-to-understand "Electronic Office" is one of the main arguments for a small- or micro-business client to open a bank account and to start servicing in the bank.

Upgrade to CORREQTS Corporate v. 2.3 from versions 2.2.Х is performed according to the maintenance contract.

For more information on updated RBS system CORREQTS Corporate and purchase conditions please contact BSS Sales Department at: +7 (495) 785-04-94, 785-04-99, or by e-mail:

About upgrading of a previous version:

BSS Company updated CORREQTS Corporate — the RBS system for legal entities (19 December 2016)

BSS Company updated CORREQTS Corporate — the RBS system for legal entities (24 November 2016)