«RBS BS-Client x64» v. 20.1.750

BSS Company released an update of "RBS BS-Client x64" system version v. 20.1.750 — an integrated solution designed to arrange remote banking service for legal entities. The update includes the following features:

1. Module for integration of the RBS with cloud accounting (as well as other external payment services). The solution supports the ability to automatically import ruble payment orders into the RBS and export client’s account statements from the RBS. The interaction with Kontur. Accountancy and Kontur. Elba was tested and confirmed basing on the module. The integration with other cloud services: Knopka, etc., is also possible using this module. Integration with cloud accounting will allow a bank to generate additional commission income through partner programs with services, and also to increase the loyalty of corporate clients.

2. Service of direct document flow with "1C: Enterprise 8&Quot; system. Integration of systems using DirectBank technology by 1C will allow clients to perform basic operations directly from 1C system programs without the need to import files from one system to another. Clients will be able to sign ruble payment orders with electronic signature and send them to the bank and, if necessary, to send requests to cancel them directly in 1C system. In addition, bank statements and document statuses can be received in 1C program.

3. The RBS can work with Bot-Trek Secure Bank module by Group-IB company. The module is designed to improve the security of clients’ work with payment orders in the RBS system and strengthens the verification mechanism of "FRAUD-Analysis" system.

Upgrade to "RBS BS-Client x64&Quot; system v. 020.1.750 from version v. 020.1.700 is performed according to the maintenance contract.

For more information on updated "RBS BS-Client x64&Quot; system and purchase conditions please contact BSS Sales Department at: +7 (495) 785-04-94, 785-04-99, or by e-mail: sale@bssys.com.

About upgrading to a previous versions: