Remote Banking and Financial Management

«FRAUD-Analysis» v. 4.6

BSS announces the release of a new version of «FRAUD-Analysis» system v. 4.6, designed to prevent fraud in the systems for remote banking servicing of businesses and individuals

«The system initially supports checking against black lists of recipients and senders’ devices. A client behavioral model is used. «FRAUD-Analysis» allows you to create your own reference books and verification rules. However, for the convenience of banks to ensure compliance with 167- ФЗ (RUS), it was decided to add the recipient import in the FinCERT format, a new directory and verification criteria. Further expansion of the functional is planned to ensure legislative initiatives by the Government and the Central Bank of the Russian Federation,» Mr. Dmitry Knyazev, Deputy Director, Retail Products Department, BSS, comments on the planned update.

Upgrade to new version of system «FRAUD-Analysis» v. 4.6 is performed from version v. 4.5 according to the maintenance contract.

For more information on system «FRAUD-Analysis» and purchase conditions please contact BSS Sales Department at: +7 (495) 785-04-94, 785-04-99, or fill out the form on the product page.

About upgrading of a previous version:

Upgrade "FRAUD-Analysis" to v. 4.6 (28 December 2018)

Upgrade "FRAUD-Analysis" to v. 4.5 (8 October 2018)

Upgrade "FRAUD-Analysis" to v. 4.4 (13 July 2018)

Upgrade "FRAUD-Analysis" to v. 4.3 (29 January 2018)

Upgrade "FRAUD-Analysis" from v. 3.5 to v. 4.0 (1 November 2016)

Upgrade "FRAUD-Analysis" from v. 3.4 to v. 3.5 (3 December 2015)