Traning Centre

The principles of our BSS Training centre aim to meet customers’ needs as regards training of IT specialists as well as to avoid gaps in knowledge and skills of the personnel engaged in software product operation with any specialization — installation, administration, operation or development of systems.

Types of educations programmes

Programmes for beginners

Programmes for beginners are meant to present the principles and procedures of product operation (in accordance with roles) to the customer’s representatives without experience in operating our products (e. g., at primary supply of a product to the customer, when the customer hires new specialists). Knowledge acquired during such training would enable specialists to start working. If you need us to control how well trainees master the material (including practical skills), we would assess them through tasks and questions.

Programmes for beginners are ensured at first supply of a software product to the customer and when it hires new specialists meant to operate our software products. To enroll for a beginner course, customers should only fill in a Request and deliver it to the Training centre

Programmes of advanced training

Programmes of advanced training are meant to present main changes to functional and technical capabilities of relevant products to the customer’s representatives with experience in operating our products or that passed our Programme for beginners (e. g., when software products are upgraded/updated for the customer). If you need us to control how well trainees master the material (including practical skills), we recommend that they be certified, with their knowledge assessed, etc.

Programmes of advanced training are provided at updates/upgrades of products. If this is the case, it is our company that initiates such training. The Training centre would elaborate special programmes and a schedule of workshops and would inform customers of such workshops.

Special-purpose (technological) training programmes

Special-purpose training programmes are basic programmes for the process procedures. They are regularly arranged for customers’ specialists as regards establishing of processes in their companies using our products, communications between customers and our company during implementation of various relationships (during supply, support, project activities, etc.)

Assessment and certification programmes

Assessment and certification programmes are meant to control knowledge and skills of trainees upon training delivery.
Assessment and certification programmes for software products would enhance vocational training in RBS of IT specialists.


Training in our software products operation is delivered by our specialists highly qualified in their relevant areas as well as in adult training. In May 2007, our team of internal trainers received training under the «Skills of efficient business training» programme in the framework of the «Corporate trainers university» project of the «Arsenal» school of managers. Owing to the programme, our internal trainers acquired not only theoretical knowledge in the area of adult business training, but also practical skills in elaboration of methodical materials and providing training and assessing trainees’ knowledge and skills