Holdings and corporations

BSS offers holdings and corporations an efficient instrument for corporate finance management and financial workflow management — the complex system of Enterprise Clearing Centre (ECC).

The system optimizes and simplifies operations with an enterprise’s finances as well as makes it as transparent as possible.

The variety of strategies applied to resolve tasks of holdings and corporations entails the necessity of a flexible instrument to be applied to implement the required functionality.

ECC is just the instrument ensuring flexible customization and the capability to gradually add new functions and features, which enables:

  • Availability of the system for corporations:
    — with an available budgeting system;
    — with a developing budgeting system;
    — with established monitoring and control for off-budget funds or funds partially applying budgeting procedures.
  • Combinations of various methods for cash flow movements (monitoring, control, approval, acceptance, execution);
  • Management broken down by various types of funds.

Many years’ experience in development, implementation, and adaptation of systems ensuring electronic workflow and budget treasury systems enables us to perform the full range of implementation activities for the proposed system to offer a «turn key» solution, which include methodical and organizational support, software as well as user consultancy and maintenance.