Bank service — Enterprise Clearing Centre

Enterprise Clearing Centre (ECC) is a novel exclusive banking service for a bank’s corporate customers.

When provided, the service would ensure financial management of the bank’s corporate customers: monitoring, control, and management of financial flows within enterprises in real time.

When running, the ECC system allows the bank to create and fully automate additional unique banking services for corporate customers with a geographically distributed structure and served by the bank’s branch network.

Банковская услуга РЦК

This comprehensive organizational and technical solutions involves the very software product «Enterprise Clearing Centre (ECC)» as well as the Remote Banking System BS-Client.

The «ECC + BS-Client» complex would enable the bank that has corporate customers to solve a wide range of tasks within financial and economic areas — from status monitoring for transactional and personal accounts of subdivisions as well as of movements of funds against them to generation and full control of execution of subdivisions’ budgets.

Yet another important feature of the «ECC + BS-Client» complex is its capability to easily and flexibly integrate with other software products applied for corporate management and financial accounting (accounting systems, ERP systems, ABSs, etc.).

Multiple largest banks, including VTB Bank, Gazprombank, BANK URALSIB, Bank Petrocommerce, Sviaz-Bank, Vozrozhdenie Bank, NOMOS-BANK and others are applying ECC for exclusive corporate customer service.