«CORREQTS» is a front office automation solution for a bank (financial organization), ensuring automation of the whole process of communication with end users of banking and financial services.
The solution covers the whole cycle of customer communication with back office, offering a suitable location and process.
  • Features

    The key advantages of the fully packaged version of the «CORREQTS» system are simplicity and ease in operating the system along with the significant elaboration of functionality, security level and system efficiency.

  • 1

    The new version of the «CORREQTS» system is multiplatform. The customer’s workplace is able to operate under OS Windows, Unix, work with Apple Macintosh computers, as well as the iPad. Moreover, it is supported to operate with all the existent browsers: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera. The server part of the system can also be used on various operating systems, both Windows and Unix.

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    Setting and maintenance facilities

    The new version of the system is significantly cheaper in operation costs. This is ensured by the implemented modular technology within the «CORREQTS» system: separate parts of the system such as documents, printing forms and ABS gateways are represented as the independent modules which can be installed and updated by «one click». Having such functionality allows a bank to develop the RBS system in its' unique way without any troubles in updating the system and switching to a new core version.

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    Brand-new design of the subsystem «Internet-Client»

    The new user interface of the subsystem «Internet-Client» is the important feature of the «CORREQTS» system. The home page which each user visits when logging in allows observing information about failed payments, viewing receipts to the accounts, reading new messages from the bank. In addition, the system provides the ability of customizing the style of the designed solutions depending on the user preferences.

  • 4
    Enhanced security level

    The «CORREQTS» system provides a high level of information security. The new version of the solution supports working with various types of tokens, including ones with nonrecallable EDS key. Using the two-factor authentication technology provides the additional customer’s data security.

  • 5
    The new features of the document builder

    For printed forms editing the «CORREQTS» system supports graphic editor which allows adding a bank’s logo or a stamp on any printed form during 5 minutes. Besides, the new printed form will be available to customers as in HTML, as PDF or Word formats.

  • 6
    Compatibility with wide-spread ABS

    The new version of the «CORREQTS» system contains ready-made connectors to the most popular ABS systems used by banks and is ready for the immediate implementation. If a bank switches to the «CORREQTS» system from another RBS system, safe data migration is able to be performed.

  • 7
    Comfortable workflow

    The special attention in the new version is given to convenience of working with documents. The simplicity when usingthe system is provided according to the data based on usability-tests and user’s preferences analysis. The «CORREQTS» system interface has been considerably redesigned and improved. Now it is much easier for the unexperienced user to operate with the system that improves its perception by bank’s customers and reduces the number of help desk calls.


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