mbc-site.png«Mobile Business Client» («MBC») — the solution provides the banks corporate clients the ability to manage accounts of their corporations using tablets and smartphones.

The new BSS solution in mobile banking — «Mobile Business Client», designed to set up remote banking service for a wide range of users — from entrepreneurs and owners of small and medium businesses to financial managers of large corporations.

The solution opens new opportunities to banks and their customers through the mobility and ease of account management by means of tablets and smartphones, and provides a complete payment service with support of enhanced qualified electronic signature, in accordance with the Russian laws.

Implementation and launch of new solutions of BSS require minimal amount of effort and labor both from banks, as well as from end users. At the same time, BSS provides the most convenient, secure and truly remote service for conducting economic activity of banks corporate customers.

To receive more information about the «Mobile Business Client» please, contact to Sales Department by phone numbers: +7 (495) 785-04-94, 785-04-99 or the e-mail: sale@bssys.com.